Russian Healing Resources

Here we will post resources for you to investigate further the Russian healing methods of Arcady Petrov, Gregori Grabovoi and others.

Abundant Hope Summary of Light of Eternity

Abundant Hope’s article includes a synopsis of each of the sections of the YouTube version of the documentary, Light of Eternity.

Godly science on health is beginning to trickle out of Russia. Arcady Petrov and other Russian scientists have learned how to send healing brain waves of certain frequencies to the body with the result that patients are able to regenerate diseased or missing organs and teeth. This information appears to be on all fours with the messages we receive about incoming photon energies from the Great Central Sun and their effects on our DNA and consequent changes being effected in our bodies. There is also an interesting explanation of the mechanics of using mind generated wave form energies to communicate with the cells of our bodies.

SVET Centre Translates two more Russian films to German:

Fond von Arcady Petrov „Der Dornenreiche Weg von Grigori Grabovoi“ , 2006 (deutsche Version)

„Die gerettete Welt“ , (deutsche Version) kurze Version

Lasarus Article by Alex Teetz (Svetlana’s Translator)

German: Die Matrix zur Heilung

English (via Google translator): The matrix for the cure

Light of Eternity in Russian (with German subtitles)

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