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Svaroopa® Yoga

Discover a yoga that supports your spiritual practice AND your body! An ad in Yoga Journal and this video introduced me to Svaroopa® yoga, a non-athletic yoga that releases the tension around your spine from your tailbone up your spine. I had only ever been to one yoga class years ago in Australia, I had briefly learned Surya Namaskar  (sun salutations) in Oneness University trainings and practiced that occasionally: I was not a yoga asana practitioner by any means.

While I recommend seeking a Svaroopa® teacher in your area, this video is a good start. You’ll need to collect blankets and firmer couch cushions/pillows and perhaps use a chair, couch or coffee table to put your legs up on so your lower spine is truly on the floor in floor poses. I paused the video after each pose to move the blankets & pillows around.

During my clumsy practice at home with Krishna Sprinkle, courtesy of this interview on YouTube, I was amazed to experience what I’d been calling the Presence arise during this asana practice and it lingered with me for hours afterwards; much like the deep peace, calm and no-thinking state I’ve experienced with Oneness deeksha, OMs, practices in the Oneness Temple and Braco gazings.

With more study in yogic texts and teachings from the founder of Svaroopa®, Swami Nirmalananda, I’ve since realized that what I was calling the Presence is yogically called bliss: who knew? Plus, not surprisingly, a lot of Svaroopis refer to Svaroopa® yoga as bliss yoga!

Thus inspired, last month I started on about a 2-year path to become a Svaroopa® yoga teacher, completing the Foundations course. Early in the course, I experienced a significant release of tension of the muscles in front of my sacrum. The next day, I could feel those muscles supporting me, rather than my abdominals at the front of the belly trying to support me. Two days later in the course, I experienced more sacral release during Shavasana, thus surprising myself by discovering the deep healing potential of a properly supported and aligned Shavasana pose. My posture is changing, I walk differently and I feel that I still need to “Do more yoga” to continue my releases.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, contact me if you are interested in experiencing Svaroopa® yoga or attending a class, workshop, satsang or Foundations course as I am preparing to organize events. Also check the master calendar at the Svaroopa Vidya Ashram site to find events in your area and click the Freebies button on that site if you want to read more about Svaroopa® or listen to recent satsangs with Swami Nirmalananda.

Experience the Flowering Heart Blessing with Michael Milner and Suzanne Champlin


Michael Milner is a former Oneness Advanced Trainer, Oneness Meditator and Sacred Chambers Facilitator who recently cut official ties with Oneness University and is now sharing the Flowering Heart Blessing, which he and his wife, Suzanne Champlin received upon deep soul searching and guidance from the Divine.

My favorite quote of Michael’s  is:

However awakened you are, has your heart flowered?  Are you kind?

During their three months of reflection, they asked how to go deeper into the heart, they asked, “What would a flowering heart blessing would feel like?” And the Divine delivered.

You can hear them discuss their journey and intention of how to help others with the Flowering Heart Blessing on this video from their Monday night show. The new blessing is not associated with any particular teacher, guru, avatar or religion.

While you may receive the ability to give blessings by receiving a Flowering Heart Blessing, you can get a full introduction to it by participating in their online course, The Power of Blessings. You can learn more about the course and register from THIS LINK. Please also be sure to listen to Suzanne discuss how people have received the ability to give this blessing in the video here at 32 min.

Michael Milner started on his spiritual journey at 17 years old and his path includes becoming a Taoist Priest, a Christian minister first as a Protestant, then a Catholic Franciscan, later a Free Catholic Priest & Bishop and he holds three Phds, one in Pastoral Counseling and has spent time with masters, adepts, shamans, healers and teachers from many traditions. To learn more about Michael, click here.

Into the Silence & Your God Particle with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

On Oct 30 and 31, 2015, we participated in the Glimpses of Nithyanandoham webinar workshop with Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It was quite an experience. The three of us were quite moved by how powerful the experience of silence with him was.

For those who haven’t heard of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, commonly referred to as Swamiji Nithyananda, you may have seen the video that’s recently gone viral about the Californian 9-year-old who’s third eye awakened during an Inner Awakening event in 2015 with Swamiji. He is considered a living incarnation of the Trimurthi: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. (See an ancient Nadi reading of Swamiji on a devotee’s Blog.)

A devotee of Swamiji shared on Facebook the unlisted video of the process he guided us through on the 2nd day. I suggest that you do NOT watch the video, rather do as instructed and get your blinders/blindfold and participate. Allow 45-60mins.

This video, Glimpse of Bioenergy meditation process, is ‘unlisted’; not publicly on the NithyanandaTV YouTube channel, so I have posted it on BeholdGodcom’s Facebook page until (and if) they make it public. (Please Like my page when you visit!  🙂 )

glimpses of nithyanandadoham

These unedited notes, below, of the Nov. 4 satsang (video posted at the end of the post) are a good synopsis of much of what he taught on the two days of the Glimpses of Nithyanandoham webinar. It is interesting to note that some participants of this webinar have reported being able to read through their blinders after that process. Try it!

When he says “Nithyanandoham Chalo”, that means “Let’s go to Nithyanandoham.” Nithyanandoham is a process he is offering in Phuket, Thailand, Dec. 7-27, 2015. Find info at

Morning Satsang 4th November, 2015
Bhagawan Mahavatar Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji
293rd Guru Mahasannidanam of Madurai Aadeenam
Sri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar of Maha Nirwani Akada

Wakeup to Your God Particle: Nithyanandoham
by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

From today till Nithyanandoham I am just going to prepare all of you for Nithyanandoham! So, every day satsang will be under the topic Nithyanandoham chalo!! I think only now people are slowly settling down from the Glimpses of Nithyanandoham.

I wanted to share some of these important Truths. Please understand, working on your muscle memory awakens your Possibilities, not Powers, please understand!

There is a difference between circus and magic. In the young age you may not know the difference, because both are shows. In circus, the possibilities of the human muscles and human body is awakened, they will bend, roll in an unimaginable way, which you literally can’t imagine, where the possibilities are awakened, that’s one example.

See, even living with less food or no food or ability to eat whatever you want and digest, all these are not powers, they are only possibilities. They are only possibilities not powers. You need to know the difference, physical possibilities, physiological possibilities. If you are able to sleep as long as you want or able to be without sleep as long as you want or able to sleep whenever you want and be without sleep whenever you don’t want – all these are possibilities, all the memories recorded in your muscles, like your day-to-day activity: from brushing the teeth, taking bath. I have seen Yogis who never brush the teeth or took bath for years! You won’t find a, not even one small smell around them. I literally lived around them. No 1..2..3.. I have seen yogis. But even all this is only Possibility not Power.

Understand, anything which you can directly express it, by your own practice without the conscious intervention, without the need of the Conscious energy entering into you, without the need of the Enlightenment energy entering into you: is Possibility.

Whatever you do in the level of possibility, many circus people will be doing it, Guinness record holders will be doing it. That does not mean they became enlightened or they became spiritually aware of themselves or they developed the spiritual cognition, No! They may, may-not have but it is not must, understand.

The spiritual possibilities need to be awakened, spiritual possibilities need to be worked, spiritual possibilities need to be strengthened. In the level of muscle memory your ordinary possibility is awakened. Same way if you awaken the muscle memory and complete with all the unnecessary patterns and reprogram the way you want, you can jump unimaginable distance, you may be able to make your body heavy or light – all these are only possibilities. You can be without tiredness and boredom about life. All these are possibilities but that does not require a Spiritual Energy.

Understand, awakening your muscle memory and completing with whatever patterns you don’t need and reprogramming the way you want awakens the multiple possibilities because all your day-to-day activities get recorded in your muscle memory, all the knowledge, ideas, concepts required, for you to run your day-to-day life, gets recorded in your muscles AND all your cognitions; cognition means: based on which you make decisions, the cognition about yourself, cognition about the people around you, cognition about life, cognition about God, cognition about world, cognition about money – the basic cognition, the root cognition you carry is recorded in your bio-memory.

Understand, if you carry the root cognition, ‘whole world is out there to cheat’ – everyone will look like a cheat! And you can always perceive anybody as a cheat, even, if Krishna comes down you can call Him as Chor! (thief) Of course he waits, just like he waited for Sisupala, that does not mean what you said is right, understand, he waits, counts, just like how he waited and counted for Sisupala, See ‘hundred and first’ abusal only, Sisupala received the punishment that does not mean all the other 100 are accepted, are right! He waited for his own reasons. That does not mean Sisupala is successful, Sisupala is right!

Anyhow, listen, when you think everyone is out there to cheat, you can perceive anybody as cheat. When you think everybody out there is only to support, you can perceive anybody as a great support. I tell you, the cognitions you carry about yourself, about world, about others, about Life, about God, about nature – when those cognitions are completed, the limiting cognitions which are called incompletions, when they are completed, and the powerful cognitions are awakened, that expresses powers, understand!

In the muscle memory, if your incompletions are completed your possibilities are awakened. In the bio-memory, if your cognitions are completed, your powers are awakened.

Understand, when your small inner image, the inner image which was built accidentally is completed, right visions about you can be implanted, please understand, always, 99{887f5f086bf7ecfe0ffcf8ecb4af17cd4bb77c44b81b09297ce0ab4545f909fd} of the time, your thought about your future will be just a fear of failure. Your vision about the future should be Celebrating what you want as reality. That is only going to infuse energy, intensity for you to run: “I am going to be doing this, I am going to be doing that, I am going to be making it happen.”

Understand, possibilities! Possibilities are different, the powers are different. Your low-self inner image will always make you think about your future only as failure. When you complete with your lower-self inner image, you will start having vision – means you just know “I am living to make what I want into reality.” Understand, that, that only is going to inspire you, make you do what you want. That only is going to push you to make what you want as reality. The moment you complete with your lower inner image, suddenly you will see not just so many possibility, possibilities alone, but powers will start expressing because in the bio-memory level, any completion is done, consciousness is directly opened up.

For example in the muscle memory level, if you stop eating that does not mean your consciousness will be awakened.

Of course in the Nirahara Samyama I use, awakening your consciousness for your Nirahara, that is different. Don’t compare Nirahara Samyama. [BeholdGod note: This is a process to complete with food and eating-related patterns.]

Any man ordinarily, there are many people in the platforms [railway], because of poverty, they master the art, the body automatically masters only once a day they eat but they survive and whatever they get in the road side they eat, they just digest. That does not mean they are spiritually awakened, the possibility in muscle memory is awakened and I have seen people sleeping in the platforms, railway platforms and the city area platforms, it is not that they are spiritually awakened, but their possibility of muscle memory is awakened.

Listen, when your bio-memory is completed, naturally directly it works on consciousness. Multiple powers are expressed; actually you just need to complete with the cognition given to you in the young age accidentally that you can’t read through 3rd eye. Just you need to complete with that cognition, you will simply open your 3rd eye and start reading, you will simply start doing it. So many things, so many powers will start expressing the moment your bio-memory is awakened, the moment the bio-memory is inspired, the moment the bio memory is visioned, is inspired.

But even awakening your bio-memory awakens only your possibilities but awakening your bio-energy awakens the God particle in you.

Nithyanandoham is all about the God particle in you. Awakening the God particle, reminding the God particle, it is God! Reminding the God particle that it is God! It may be particle but it is God!

Actually the whole Nithyanandoham program you won’t even feel like the process, you may not even feel like process. It is just a spiritual vacation with Swamiji – that’s all! Because even to awaken your bio-memory you need to sit in a Mandala, in a specific posture. You no need to control your mind, but you need to be available in the specific mandala, the specific way, in a specific dress, attire, and all that so that I can awaken your bio-memory.

Here nothing is required! You just need to be available, that’s all! That is why, the Nithyanandoham I have declared that you don’t even have to wear the uniform, the white and white: it’s your freedom, no dress code, no dress code for the Nithyanandoham process, just dress – that’s all!

No dress code, nothing, you just, we will all be sitting in the beach, we may not even have mic, we may not even have microphone, mic, all that, amplifiers, loud speakers, I will just pick up the beach sand, I will be sitting and say, ‘Kundalini, just wake up!’ and you will all be surfing in the beach sand! Rolling on the beach sand. If you have seen the Nithyanandoham Glimpses, you will understand what I am talking.

See, to awaken your bio-memory, I used Sound and Light, means Verbalization and Visualisation. Now to awaken your bio-energy I am going to use Silence and Unclutching.

Silence is absence of Sound. Unclutching is absence of Light. Silence is absence of verbalization, Unclutching is absence of visualization.

For Me, because of the mastery the Silence and Unclutching has become, like a two hankies in my hand or two ropes in my hand. For you, Silence and Unclutching is an absence.

At the most you can enter into it and experience it, for me they are not only absence, they can be used as a tool or a weapon, I can just pick up the silence and unclutching like a rope, to awaken anybody.

I am going to use, Power of Silence! And Power of unclutching, to awaken the God particle in you. Just the one glimpse of session, hardly one hour we had a process, in that so many people are saying, their 3rd eye is awakened and they are able to read blindfolded. I am getting messages in the Facebook and everywhere and still people have not come down from that silence. It’s only one-hour process, one hour, at the most 10 or 20 times I would have said “Om” .. nothing more, nothing more!

Understand, the silence and unclutching, the power of silence and unclutching!

Actually Mahadeva’s damaru is not only power of sound, it is power of silence also. His Agni is not only power of Visualisation, it is power of Unclutching also. He can create any Visualization and he can just unclutch from anything. He can create and he can be without it. He can create any sound and he can create any Silence. That’s the damaru. Just like sound is a power, silence is also power. Just like visualisation is a power, unclutching is also a power.

Understand, ordinary people, an Enlightened Beings, can use Power and Sound but only an Incarnation can use Silence and Unclutching because it is too subtle.

Please understand, you should have a mind, which does not pollute when it picks up the silence: see when you pick up the silence, silence should not be polluted. You should have that kind of a mind. Only then you can use silence.

Try to understand! Your mind should be such, it should not even pollute the silence when it picks it up and throws or uses; means, your mind should be in utter silence, in that silence it should be able to do, move, and make what it wants to happen.

Same way Unclutching, you should be in such a unclutched space, the visualization, any visualization, just you can unclutch and your mind should be so pure, it doesn’t even pollute unclutching, when it is picking up the unclutching.

Even if you visualize unclutching it is polluted, even if you think about silence – silence is polluted. The moment you use the word, silence, it is no more silence. The moment you use the word, unclutching, it is no more unclutching.

Person who is able to be silent without using the word silent, only can use silence. Person who is unclutched without using the word unclutched, only can use unclutch if you want to literally see the Drama of Mahadeva, leela of Mahadeva, what he does with the power of silence and power of unclutching, Nithyanandoham Chalo!

Nithyanandoham Chalo!

It is not just about the powers you express – it is about the discovery you will do it about you. You will really know that you have been cheated by humanity, you have been wrongly told you are a human being, you have been wrongly introduced to you about you. You have been wrongly introduced to you about you, understand!

The discovery, you will do it about yourself so strongly, THAT will be the immeasurable, the most valuable gift for your life. The way you wake up to you. The way the God particle wakes up to itself. The way Sadashiva just remembers Himself and His own existence. See, it’s just like a, you are in a nightmare, you saw somebody chasing you, 10 tigers, 5 elephants, 2, 3 snakes, and you wake up and you remember this identity, vow! You are not in danger, you are safe, that identity was false. The way you wake up and remember, exactly the same way, when you wake up, how you feel relieved, exactly the same way, you will wake up to your God particle!

When you wake up to the God Particle , you won’t tolerate even your own short-comes, you won’t tolerate even your own inefficiency, you won’t tolerate even your own incompletions, that is Life! Somebody asked me the other day, Swamiji you don’t tolerate even one inch of somebody’s incompletion, inefficiency. I told them, hey! I don’t tolerate even my own incompletion or inefficiency, where is the question of tolerating of somebody else’s? Man who does not tolerate His own incompletion, His own limitations, His own inefficiency, is LEADER! The man who tolerates his own incompletions will not even be aware of others’ incompletions, I tell you.

So every day you can send any questions you have about Nithyanandoham or these great truths I am revealing, I will continue to answer.

[With thanks and due acknowledgements to Ma Suganthy Gopalachari for the unedited notes on morning satsang.]

Nov. 4 2015: Wakeup to Your God Particle: Nithyanandoham

Unity Rev. Howard Caesar at the Oneness University

Unity of Houston Rev. Howard Caesar attends the Oneness University courses in India for his own spiritual growth. He recorded these two videos while there in May 2013.

Part 1

Part 2

After the visit above, here is the Sunday Message he gave to share some of what he experienced, taking 250 pages of notes during 16-hr days of  a 30-day Deepening event.

During this message, Rev. Caesar shares a clip of Opra Winfrey interviewing Maya Angelou, who is a Unity student, discussing God and Love.

May 27, 2013 | Bonding With God | Rev. Howard Caesar | Unity of Houston

Unity Minister Rev. Howard Caesar on Oneness Teachings

The Reverend Howard Caesar of Unity of Houston discovered the Oneness Blessing in 2007 and his Unity church has a thriving Oneness Ministry. He is a Oneness Blessing Giver and in 2012 he was initiated as a Oneness Meditator, to bring through a direct transfer of Divine energies transmitted by gazing, with the receivers simply gazing at the Oneness Meditator.

Rev. Caesar has addressed the Oneness University teachings in Sunday services at his church and gives a good introduction to the Oneness Blessing(PDF) and how the non-denominational phenomenon is aligned with Christianity and Unity teachings.

In an interview on, the Rev. Caesar describes a life-altering experience he had in India in 2012:

I came out with no mind chatter, a quiet mind, free of the sense of self—it had just fallen away. I had no inner conflict, no suffering, that core of fear was gone. The big thing when I came back is that my congregants and staff just saw a big shift in me and that my energy had shifted.

on Oneness Teachings . . .

In this Sunday message, Reverend Caesar discusses many Oneness teachings including the three kinds of suffering; fear; what to do with thoughts; Christ consciousness; the separate self; conscious vs. aware; what is an awakened being; how does one become awakened; and Jesus on passion for right relation to the Divine.

December 9, 2012 | Headed For Awakening | Rev. Howard Caesar | Sunday Lessons at Unity of Houston

on Awakening . . .

Rev. Caesar discusses what awakening is and the awakening shift that is happening with many people. This is a progressive Christianity discussion about the ego; spirituality; who you are; and the process of awakening.

January 19, 2014 | The World of Awakening | Rev. Howard Caesar | Sunday Lessons at Unity of Houston

Matt Kahn’s Energy Update June 2015: Rest and Receive Your Healing

Matt Kahn is an attuned being who lives in Seattle, Washington USA.  His YouTube channel has had big jumps in popularity in the past few months, and for good reason. The quality of his information and, more importantly, the energy you receive from watching him is truly helping a lot of people. He seems to have the “owner’s manual” for ascension/awakening. One tip: when watching Matt on YouTube, watch him with eyes open; he was guided to tell us at one of the live events that if we watch with eyes closed, it can become a mental concept.

He regularly publishes Energy Updates when moved by the Universe to do so and they are always spot on and helpful! Check out his website at: This update is particularly helpful to understand how we need to allow our bodies and minds to rest and allow the healing and clearings we’ve all already done to integrate and trickle down to the physical.

Energy Update June 2015
by Matt Kahn

Whether you were bamboozled by the Mercury in retrograde that we just successfully completed, or made it through virtually unaffected, the past few weeks have brought forth a rather interesting array of energies. As these energies came into Earth’s atmosphere, they assisted in loosening the cellular structure of the old paradigm that is being purged out of the human energy field. You can think of the past few weeks as a “cosmic shakedown,” where anything lingering from the old paradigm was loosened out of its fixed cellular position, so it may be released to create space for the immerging 5D light body. While you will still appear physical in form, the immerging 5D light body shifts the orientation of your experience into a much calmer, vast, synchronistic, and intuitively-aligned perspective. In simple terms, as the 5D light body awakens, you transition from being a person attempting to hold light within your field, or in search of oneness with the light, to being the light within the body that experiences each thought, feeling, interaction, outcome, and encounter as I AM.

As the loosened cellular imprinting of the old paradigm is released out of your field by the Universe, the activation of your 5D light body unfolds. Since you have spent more time in a dense physical form than aware of the subtle higher vibrational 5th dimensional energies, it is common for you at this time, to be more aware of the old imprints dissolving than of the 5D light body that is emerging. One common symptom of the dissolving old paradigm cellular structure is joint pain. Whether you feel inflamed, less flexible than usual, or even unjustifiably sore, it is more than likely that you are becoming aware of the unraveling of the old, as the new comes forward. This can also include lightning bolts of energy coursing throughout your body, or abrupt electrical shocks felt within your field.

While I stated at the beginning of the year that we have ventured beyond the point of needing to continuously clear and purge as a means of maintaining alignment with the Universe, it does not take away from the fact that everything you’ve been clearing up to this point must be given the space to move out and return back to Source. This essentially means while so many have been clearing and purging on an energetic level, there hasn’t been an appropriate amount of time and space given to allow what you’ve energetically cleared – to move out of the cells of your physical form. When energetic healing occurs, an imprint is released out of the etheric body, which exists on the soul level. From this space, the etheric body must converse with the physical body to determine how much time will be required in incubation, in order for the transformation to trickle down from the ethers of the soul and into the tangible form of physical reality.

What I am referring to as incubation is an extended period of rest and renewal.

When you are immersed in incubation, you might feel exhausted, depressed, void of inspiration, or without the drive to be a part of life. While it might be easy to think that something is wrong, it is merely the Universe channeling all of your life force energy to usher your healing into completion. While many seek healing modalities to resolve these experiences, they are unaware of how essential these periods of incubation are, just as embryos need time in the womb in order to grow.

If a moment of energetic healing is like a surgical procedure, then the essential stage of incubation is the crucial period of recovery that is necessary afterwards. Using this analogy, so many diligent lightworkers, often afraid of being left behind or left out of the Ascension, worked diligently to cleanse and clear their fields, like patients who have been living on a surgical table for years on end. Of course, each of us has and always will be a vital element in Earth’s Ascension, which requires your cooperation and assistance in the most relaxed, faithful, and heart-centered manner. As I was asked by the Galactic Council to announce the end of needing to cleanse, clear, and purify, it was done to invite every lightworker out of endless rounds of etheric surgery, so the body could begin to incubate, recalibrate, and receive all the healing that has taken place.

As the maturity of our highest truth dawns within, it becomes profoundly clear that it’s one thing to ping-pong from one healing modality to the next, but a much deeper journey unfolds when you give yourself the time and space to adjust and welcome in the healing you’ve already received.

Another symptom to notice is an internal shaking, which can be interpreted as anxiety, fear, loneliness, or even projected outward as expressions of anger, judgment, agitation, and frustration. This inner shaking is the recalibration of your nervous system. When the nervous system is recalibrated, your energy field is adjusting to life in the absence of the cellular memories you had carried in your body for so long. When your nervous system is being recalibrated, the best strategy is to just sit still and slow your breath whenever the shaking becomes too daunting or irritating.

You can also repeat the mantra: “I acknowledge this recalibration as a gift and receive it here as I AM now.” This mantra can be repeated throughout the day, or used as a meditation when the nervous system requires more grounding.

As periods of incubation bring forth the integration and recalibration you require for your journey ahead, it is common to sense a wellspring of impatience. As lightworkers and starseeds alike are being rooted deeper into present moment reality in preparation for light body activation, it is natural to want to fast track your healing and desire any possible way to move things along. As is always the case, the best way to accelerate the storyline of your journey is by daring to slow down. At this stage, you can consciously choose to slow down and honor the healing underway, or force life to slow you down through the circumstances and outcomes that arise.

During this period, you might find yourself at odds with time. Perhaps your healing requires more incubation time of rest and renewal than you are willing to offer yourself. Maybe you find yourself confused by your inability to know what to do with your life or where to go next. There can even be an urgent sense of there being something else to do or somewhere else to be without an instinct of how to take the next step. Each of these examples acts as signs of incubation in progress, where the impatient ego structure continues to unravel, as your nervous system is recalibrated. As this process unfolds, the healing that has already occurred on a soul level trickles into tangible physical form.

The best approach at this time is to relax as often as possible, especially throughout the course of your daily activities. Since relaxation acts as a sign of spiritual alignment, the Universe asks you to slow down and be as relaxed, intentional, open-minded, and easy-going as possible, so you may accelerate the integration process and fully receive all that has already been given.

For many, the unraveling of the old cellular structure and recalibrating of the nervous system may continue to occur until enough space can be created for the 5D light body to be felt within your field. While some have already completed such critical stages of incubation and are already experiencing the flowering of their newly-activated light body, it is essential to maintain the utmost compassion towards yourself by not comparing your experiences with the journey of others.

While this stage of incubation may seem to linger longer than you desire it to be, there are other stages that you have completed with ease that may have been difficult for others to process. In essence, we each take turns reflecting the breakdowns and breakthroughs of transmutation, as the one eternal light experiences its emergence in every combination of possibility.

Another sign of an unraveling cellular structure and recalibrating nervous system is loss. Whether you’ve experienced the loss of romantic partnerships, friendships, sudden career changes, or shifts in your living environment, it is important to think of loss not as a form of rejection or deficiency, but as a parting of ways between you and the old paradigm.

The relationships or circumstances that may dissolve throughout this stage represent the releasing of karmic ties to the vibration you embodied when the circumstance or relationship began. Through the eyes of the Universe, the ending of a relationship doesn’t have to symbolize you being rejected, but can be seen as a graduation out of an outdated level of consciousness that such relationships helped you outgrow. If possible, allow yourself to focus on the greater possibilities your life is creating, instead of mourning the losses that you haven’t yet remembered how to live without. Even if it seems impossible to remember a greater spiritual perspective, it could only be another opportunity to embrace the one who mourns loss – with greater peace, patience, love, and support.

Whether you are experiencing a lack of inspired direction, feel done with your current reality but without the passion or clarity to take the next step, overwhelmed by the pain, frustration, loneliness, and confusion that arises during critical stages of energetic incubation, confronted by the losses that represent the dissolving of outdated levels of consciousness, or even starting to feel better than you’ve felt in quite some time, I offer these words of confirmation to reveal the success of a journey that each of us is equally a part of bringing to life.

On behalf of the Galactic Council, I applaud all the inner work you’ve already completed, and remind you to make time and space for it to integrate, so the fruits of your labor can take tangible form throughout the spiritual garden of your eternal paradise.

In my next energy update, I will speak more extensively on how an activated light body can change your experience of reality, including how it can be used to participate in the world without getting tossed around by the energies others may still be releasing and processing. Through the grace of an activated light body, may you surrender all energetic shields and courageously step forward as a fully integrated expression of spirit in action.

In the meantime, may you savor your experiences as exquisite gifts of divinity, trusting in the grace of the cosmic plan, while loving yourself and others more and more every step of the way.

May all be healed, awakened, and transformed by the light of your highest potential. May all be blessed by the love that you are.

Matt Kahn

P.S. To take this journey even deeper and finally live a life of emotional freedom and energetic peace and harmony within yourself, and with all around you, please join us for an upcoming Soul Gathering, 5-day retreat in the Portland, Oregon area, or our upcoming Angel Academy 5: Matt Kahn Calendar

We look forward to being with you soon. Peace, love & blessings to all ~Julie

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Matt Kahn: Demystifying Ascension: Part 2

Matt Kahn released this update in April 2015 and asks us to share it far and wide.

Please note the Angel Academy 4 is over and Angel Academy 5 starts in September 2015. It is a teleconference series. There are usually opportunities on the interviews he gives to purchase the former Angel Academies at a good price or on his website.

Demystifying Ascension: Part 2

“Entering the 5th Dimension”

by Matt Kahn

As we shift into a 5D reality of heart-centered unity consciousness, let us decode more myths about ascension as a way of fulfilling the Divine’s highest destiny. When not taken literally, ascension represents a point in history where an entire civilization undergoes a spiritual evolution that so many prophets, masters, and avatars had foreshadowed before. Throughout this process, it can be a bit confusing, or even frustrating, when a long-awaited arrival into a new spiritual paradigm feels as tumultuous and daunting as the old world you may be hoping to transcend.

As we explore ascension as a new energy that raises the vibration of the way we think, feel, and behave, it is a time to relinquish beliefs in personal control, including each misunderstood notion of the law of attraction. When not trying to control what happens, you are able to harmonize with your current circumstances as divine catalysts ensuring your highest growth and evolution. It’s not as if the things you desire don’t matter. It’s more that life is focusing its attention on anchoring the highest vibration within your field so you can support the awakening of others, while establishing the proper energetic alignment that brings your destiny to you, instead of you needing to chase after it.

While a new career, greater abundance, a move to a new location, radiant health, or even a new relationship are all creations that can be chosen in a quantum 5D reality, it cannot be confused with what occurs as you enter the 5th dimension. I like to call the stage of entering 5D reality “the great absence”. Instead of being tossed around by the highs and lows, or ups and downs of polarity, 5D is where the extremes of opposites balance out. In the 3rd dimension, the tendency is to seek the higher end of polarity, while making enemies out of the lower spectrum of experiences. Whether it’s seeking happiness as a way of being farther away from sadness, or looking for endless forms of security as an imagined remedy for fear, such tendencies are likely to increase the activity of polarity throughout your life until the grace of a spiritual impulse invites you inward. As a spiritual journey unfolds, you make your way through 4D reality by moving back and forth between the highs and lows of energetic expression until you even out in the middle. Once settled into the middle of polarity, both sides dissolve.

As both sides of polarity vanish, you enter into the great absence, as a phase of initiation into the 5th dimension. Such an initiation of emptying out occurs, so you enter the 5th dimension with nothing binding you to 3D or 4D reality. Without any subconscious associations or energetic attachments to 3D or 4D realities, you are like a spiritual infant entering a brand new world with a mind open, and receptive to possibilities unlike anything experienced in the past.

When this occurs, it can feel like the absence of both highs and lows, which for the ego, is labeled as depression, instead of being seen as a profound spiritual breakthrough. Whether felt as emptiness, or the absence of preferred states of being, it is common to feel frustrated, sad, lost, hopeless, bored, exhausted, apathetic, withdrawn, uninspired, and even suicidal throughout the emptying out process. When feeling uninspired, lonely, frustrated or bored, these feelings also signify a detoxification process where you are purging your attachment to finding validation outside of yourself, as you create the space to discover the true depth of fulfillment that comes from within.

No matter how it plays out in your reality, the best way to move through this crucial stage of existential despair is to remind yourself that you are crossing an important spiritual threshold, instead of viewing it as a problem to resolve.

While you are able to feel more joy, experience greater synchronicity, be healthier, and more integrated, and manifest abundance in magnificent ways throughout the 5th dimension, entry into 5D reality can often seem confusing, disheartening, and often emotionally or physically debilitating. This is one of the reasons I have been brought here to offer you the practice of loving what arises. As you turn inward to discover self-love as the source of your own fulfillment, you are able to make peace with your heart, so the emptiness of your being doesn’t frighten your inner child into thinking it is dying. Through this process, it’s crucial to remind your heart that it is not dying or being left behind, but dissolving into the light of unity consciousness.

At this stage, it is important to realize how you are not the one in charge of letting go, since it is your inner child who is hanging on for dear life, unsure if it will make this journey across the threshold. While many egoic tendencies and patterns are sure to dissolve as 5D reality emerges, your inner child does, in fact, make the journey, while no longer existing as a separate archetype or character within you.

Upon entry into the 5th dimension, the inner child-like heart and parent-like mind merge together in a sacred union of emotional oneness. Once oneness has been established on an emotional level, it sends a signal to the Universe that you ready to experience oneness with the Divine that appears as the world around you. As you may be learning through the reoccurring emotional patterns that are only here to be loved, oneness with divinity cannot awaken within you until emotional oneness has been established through a conscious foundation of self-love. Because your inner child misunderstands the merging of mind and heart as a death of some kind, it is common for the emptying out process to feel emotionally draining as well as physically incapacitating. Whether your body interprets these dimensional changes mentally, physically, emotionally, or even energetically, each symptom can be welcomed with grace as another opportunity to love what arises.

Instead of trying to offer love as a way of clearing something out of your field, I invite you to offer yourself the support, encouragement, patience, compassion and understanding it needs, in order to survive the shift you were always destined to make.

While you are destined to successfully make this shift, in one way or another, loving what arises invites the most joyful and heart-centered timelines of ascension to be accessed, so you can embrace the evolution of your journey much like a flower enjoying the miracle of blossoming – one petal at a time.

While it’s easy to view an absence of preferred circumstances, a lack of positive emotional states, or even the disappearance of the people, places, and things that once defined your reality, as proof that something must be wrong, there is always a far greater reality at play. As long as you know the path to entering the 5th dimension is becoming as empty as possible, you can step forward into a new spiritual paradigm in the most direct and heart-centered way.

Unlike 3D reality, where the tendency is to do just about anything for an emotional high, or in 4D where it is common to exchange desires for emotional highs for the pursuit of greater spiritual experiences, the more you make peace with the emptiness of your being, the more something remarkable begins to occur. Instead of trying to avoid any particular low, while in search of some emotional or spiritual high by any means necessary, 5D is an adventure of spiritual integration that returns you home to your natural state of being. As this occurs, you are able to discover how spacious, peaceful, and joyful life can be when no longer trying to negotiate, fight, or avoid the reality of your experiences. Instead of trying to control the outcome of your experiences, you may find that you no longer resonate with the activities or substances that limit or dilute your expanding consciousness, which anchor into form through a life of inspired healthy choices.

During this time of emptying out, asking the question, “What is the healthiest choice I can make right now?” brings your attention to the choices that help you anchor 5D entry and move into a brand new dimension of fresh opportunities. Especially when the inner child confuses merging mind and heart as some form of death, it is common for compulsive or addictive patterns to arise as a way of delaying the process of emptying out. Whether you are called to love the one who is afraid to die, acknowledge the one who just “wants to go home,” or embrace the one who doesn’t want be here anymore, each moment of self-love helps to unravel compulsive or addictive patterns out of your field so you can resonate with healthier choices without a belief that you’ll be missing out on more exciting experiences down the line.

Once settled into 5D reality, spiritual communities will be rooted in health, balance, and well-being; celebrating heightened spiritual experiences as a celebration of energetic and emotional alignment, instead of chasing after existential breakthroughs while looking away from the imbalanced tendencies throughout their personal lives. In the 5th dimension, spiritual communities digest the insights of the Universe by loving each other throughout each stage of growing pains, and supporting one another in implementing each universal truth to create a life of conscious intention and embodied wisdom.

Whether you have already begun assembling with your soul family to love one another through this process, or feel as if you are venturing down the road less traveled all alone, loving what arises remains the cornerstone of 5D spirituality to guide you across the threshold of ascension as quickly as possible.

When I was given the date 9/27/15 by the Universe, it signified a time when the first wave of ascension would be aligned in 5D consciousness. This means by that date, one-third of the planet will be immersed in the emptying out process, making their way into 5D consciousness – with more and more energetically-sensitive souls recognizing addictive patterns, suicidal tendencies, boredom, apathy, the loss of inspiration, passion, or desires, along with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and confusion as signposts of an awakening spiritual reality.

As loving what arises escorts you out of the exhausting play of polarity and into the emptiness of being, many mental, physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms tend to balance out. The key is not to constantly look to the horizon for signs of something new emerging, but to hand over each expectation and desire, so nothing can distract you from loving yourself every step along the way.

In 3D, we sought love through the validation received from others. In 4D, we sought love through our rigorous inner spiritual work. However, in 5D, we discover love as the light of divinity, made manifest into form at the rate in which loving your heart is not just a choice you give yourself, but the only option to embrace.

If love is the highest vibration, why not remove any other choice from the table of consideration, so you can fully embrace the one who calls out for your support?

This can be as simple as finding time to be still and quiet several times throughout your day – even singing “I love You” to your heart like a lullaby offered to an infant. Again, we are not anticipating any particular outcome or response, since loving what arises assists you through the emptying out process, instead of guaranteeing the arrival of any particular feeling, or any specific end point. Even if bewildered by the process of initiation, unsure how to be without something to desire, want, or crave, simply by admitting what you don’t know allows moments of profound honesty to assist your heart in opening.

Just by admitting, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” “I don’t know how to be here,” “I don’t know what’s real anymore,” or “I don’t know how to be without something to crave or avoid,” you accelerate the emptying out process by allowing the truth to set you free.

One moment of stillness, confession of honesty, and “I love you” at a time, you enter the 5th dimension with openness, grace, and ease. While it may not always feel easy, or provide you with the outcomes, circumstances, or feelings you prefer, it sets the stage for a greater depth of spiritual evolution that allows you to shine your light for the well-being of all. Once consciously integrated into the 5th dimension, passion, inspiration, and joy returns to be expressed through a life of health, balance, and well-being. It is here where the ability to be fulfilled by life and manifest unlimited abundance celebrates the arrival of heart-centered consciousness in human form.

Many blessings awakenings ones,
Matt Kahn

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Matt Kahn: Demystifying Ascension: Part 1

Matt Kahn released this update in March, 2015 and asks us to share it far and wide.

Please note the Angel Academy 4 is over and Angel Academy 5 starts in September 2015. It is a teleconference series. There are usually opportunities on the interviews he gives to purchase the former Angel Academies or retreats at a good price or on his website.

Energy Update March 2015

Demystifying Ascension: Part 1

 by Matt Kahn

What a true joy to watch an entire world open up to its absolute potential by remembering the divine origin that unites each heart as one. During such a time of energetic expansion, comes much confusion and misunderstanding about what is happening on the planet, as well as the events that will come to be throughout the cosmic rebirth of humanity. As an emerging leader and tour guide of a new spiritual paradigm, it is my honor to share with you everything I know from my open dialogues and ongoing conversations with the Universe. I offer you these updates to ease every worry, and assist you in resolving each fear, so you may step forward as a fully liberated light-bearer of heart-centered consciousness.

From the very first moment I began to learn about the global awakening phenomenon known as ascension, I intuitively knew it had nothing to do with escaping a dying planet and arriving somewhere new. I always had a sense that everything that can be spoken about in a literal fashion is always bound to unfold in a more quantum and metaphorical way. Whether it was being captivated by the notion of the rapture, or watching the final scene in the “Celestine Prophecy” movie many years ago, I saw the disappearance of beings as the dissolving of a separate self. In the collapsing old paradigm of 3D beliefs and concepts, beings expressed their individuality through the personification of “I”. While in the higher dimensions, the “I” exists as a unique expression of spirit in action, it does not compete, defend, deny, negotiate, struggle, manipulate, or coerce, as has become a tendency for many during their stay in the 3rd dimension.

During this crucial stage of awakening, the competing, defending, argumentative, manipulative, seeking, and struggling “I” dissolves out of experience. Since the majority of your life was most-likely spent developing, enhancing, defending, or denying the 3D sense of self, when these tendencies collapse, it can feel as if you are disappearing, or that the world as you know it is coming to an end. This is what the metaphor of the rapture, the Celestine Prophecy, and many ascension paths are attempting to depict. However, when it is comprehended literally, instead of understood metaphorically, it can create a drastic amount of confusion. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of beautiful heart-centered beings who are so worried about leaving their loved ones behind, or trying to fast-track their spiritual path in attempt to keep the tribe journeying together. Let me be very clear – no one gets left behind because we are not actually going anywhere else. As the masters of our destiny, the 5th dimension comes to us – we do not go to it.

While Earth has always been rooted in a 5D field of consciousness, the veil of our 3D human play is ending to begin a greater exploration of life.

As the need or tendency to compete, complain, worry, argue, negotiate, seek, judge, deny, and defend are unraveled out of your energy field, a new sense of self emerges; one that is rooted in cooperation, unity, peace, love, gratitude, abundance, radiance, health, joy, and inspiration, which are the natural characteristics of a soul in form. As always, the turmoil you see in the world represents the amount of inner change occurring in the human condition. For many, there isn’t enough motivation to look within and discover a new horizon of existence without tumultuous worldly activity driving them inward to seek refuge, safety, and a greater perspective.

Perhaps you are beginning to see that when more time is spent exploring the inner landscape of your true self, without replacing exploration for a habitual need to cleanse and clear everything in sight, or fight against what could only be the Divine masquerading in form, you come to notice how differently your world tends to unfold. I say this, because each of us is living in our own unique versions of Earth, while interacting with each other within the same eternal space. Many of you are aware of the concept of parallel dimensions and how there are many possibilities existing simultaneous to the experiences you see before you.

To make it more clear, each dimension comes decorated as a human being to represent and act out how life on their planet seems to play out. This means every human being acts as a news reporter in the field of consciousness, informing you of how life on their planet seems to unfold. Without a need to blame yourself for the ups and downs of their experience – an awakening heart uses the experiences of parallel dimensions, or other people, like flashcards of evolving consciousness.

Through the play of polarity, or the balance of opposing forces, when someone reports fear and tension from their world of experience, that is life offering you a flashcard to practice anchoring the opposite energy. It’s as if the others you see are merely acting out the old ways of being to inspire you to respond from the new spiritual paradigm, like children using flashcards to memorize state capitals in school.

To make this flashcard process easier to understand and more practical in application, please consider the following strategy:

When someone is sad, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with happiness.”

When someone is afraid, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with courage.”

When someone is skeptical, doubtful, or insecure, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with faith.”

When someone is frustrated, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with peace.”

When someone is lost, bewildered, or lonely, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with clarity, joy, and fulfillment.”

When someone is hurting, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with love.”

When someone is in pain, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be healed.”

And, if these 3D tendencies arise in your experience, you can become your own flashcard of practice, inviting you to bless yourself with the opposite energy.

As you can see, this is not about pretending to be what you’re not, nor does it have anything to do with blaming yourself for the experience unfolding in each parallel dimension or human being. The truth is, the conditioning existing in others is not a reflection of what is unresolved in you. That would be like the Buddha questioning his enlightenment since his students always seem confused about the truth, or Jesus doubting his loving heart in a world of judgmental beings.

Instead, infinite worlds depicted as the life and times of each individual act as your ongoing practice of anchoring heart-centered consciousness by offering blessings to whomever comes your way. Whether offered silently, or spoken verbally, the path of eternal blessings replaces the need to spend time doing endless rounds of purification or spiritual gymnastics, since you are the Divine here to transform an entire universe by the grace, ecstasy, and perfection of your eternal heart space.

This is how you hone your skills as an angel in training. Each moment becomes an opportunity to further your path of initiation to become the spirit guide for those who are set to be born in the future. This is why I refer to Earth as the Angel Academy. It is a holographic reality occurring within the dimension of heaven, only appearing exactly the way you see it to help you anchor new energy by the blessings others inspire you to offer.

As far as ascension goes, it would be more accurate to no longer wonder when Earth is ascending, but to contemplate when your Earth will ascend. The answer is found in your willingness to view each interaction with parallel dimensions or other people as flashcards that assist you in silently or verbally responding to worldly chaos or personal turmoil with blessings of the opposite vibration. From this space, you are not interfering with the experiences of others, but allowing their feedback to raise the vibration of your planet. As this occurs, you will appear to be the first person in your world to embody a new frequency of heart-centered consciousness. As your blessing spree continues beyond that point, your energy field expands to allow others to reflect back the 5D energy you anchor on a daily basis.

While the Universe gave me the date 9/27/15 as a marker in time, signifying when the first wave, or 1/3 of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness, many interpreted this through older ascension models and created literal meaning out of a metaphorical journey of expanding consciousness. Others assumed it to be a date when the world in view begins to become the heaven on Earth they yearn to discover. As a way of clarifying what I’ve been told, 9/27/15 signifies a moment in time when 1/3rd of the planet will be aligned in 5D consciousness. When you are aligned, it signifies your readiness for entry. This means, as of 9/27/15, 1/3rd of the planet will begin a rapid ascension into 5D consciousness. It won’t be a dissolving into a different planet, but an emerging into a new spiritual paradigm of experience.

Because we are living in accelerated times, I will be offering another energy update this week focusing on entry into 5D consciousness, including signs of 5D awareness, and what you can expect as you enter this new climate of reality. In the meantime, please allow this energy update to inspire your most heart-centered practice of offering blessings to yourself, others, and the world in response to whatever arises. We are way past the point of waiting to be rescued by the forces of light, or hiding from life until it miraculously changes. Instead, we are stepping forward as the new graduating class of initiated angels, who are fortunate to each live on our own planets of experience that transform into higher vibrations from the inside out, once the offering of blessings remains our ongoing response to the activities in view.

Remember, you are not the cause of anything you see, but the solution awakening in every heart.

With greater faith in the metaphorical implications of your highest evolution that leave you nothing to fear, and no one to deny, I am honored to call you deeper into the integrity of conscious action. All this so you may come to see how brightly you shine and remember once and for all, exactly how far your angel wings can spread.

To support the healing of every heart, please forward this energy update to everyone you love and post it in your favorite discussion groups and forum pages.

For those seeking additional support, I invite you to participate in our Angel Academy 4, as well as join us at our October 2015 “Awakening True Happiness” 5-day retreat.

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On behalf of the Universe, I congratulate you on your incredible journey so far, as you have successfully survived a past that never had the power to do anything but inspire brighter spectrums of greatness within you for the well-being of all.

As always, further instructions will follow. In the meantime, bless everything in sight, until only the light remains.

Many blessings beautiful Ones,
Matt Kahn

P.S. I invite you to join us for this 9-week teleseries (with Q&A) as I offer brand new downloads of energy and teachings from the 5th and 8th dimension. The intention of Angel Academy 4 is to liberate you from emotional density and unhook you from the collective unconsciousness, so you can merge into the light of divine will and transform your reality for the ascension of all.

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Embrace Your Ego, How the Ego Surrenders! Part 3

Leonard Jacobson is a modern master, who started out as an atheist attorney! His awakening began in 1984 and he seems to have a specialty of helping us get in “right relationship with the ego”, as he calls it.

In this video, Leonard shares his simple teaching of how judgement keeps the ego in control and how you can start the ego’s surrender by being in presence.


“When the ego starts to relax and realize it’s not the evil one: it is not going to be punished; it’s not going to be condemned, and it starts to feel the flowering of presence within you, and it starts to trust the flowering of presence within you and it will gradually begin to relax and allow you more and more fully into presence. Until one day, you’re fundamentally established in presence and the ego is your friend. Your ego is in service, within the world of time. It’s no longer trying to be enlightened, it realizes that’s not its role in your life. It no longer needs to protect you, it realizes that when you’re present, there’s nothing to protect against.

Everything relaxes, but the ego has to see through it’s own dilemma. And it’s going to be reluctant to do that. It won’t do that, it will not surrender. The ego will not surrender until it trusts the flowering of presence within you.

And it will test you. it will test you over and over again until you pass the test. And the test is: the test of judgement. If it can get you involved in the energy of judgement. If it can get you to identify with the energy of judgement of yourself, of others, or of life – any aspect of life, any event in life – you’re not the true master.

Deep, deep down at the deepest core of itself, the ego knows that the true master is without judgement. The ego knows that. Even though it’s forgotten that, it knows that. But deep down, it knows that. And it knows to test you. And for the most part, we all fail the test. We don’t realize that judgement is just an energy passing through us. Let it pass through you. Express it, just don’t believe in it. Allow it, don’t be “for it” or “against it”; it’s just an energy, let it pass through you. Own it, acknowledge it, confess it, but don’t believe in it.

The problem that the ego has in all of this, is that it can’t trust you until there is a certain level of presence awake in you. But it’s the ego preventing you from being present in the first place. So there has to be that sort of cooperation that I arranged with David’s ego that it would permit him to be present, to test the water.

You cannot defeat the ego. No one has ever defeated the ego. The only thing that can occur, is that the ego, with all the right conditions, will voluntarily, and with honor, surrender. With beautiful grace, it will surrender. It will surrender unto the true master arising from within. And the true master is you, in presence.

Who is the true master? I am.

Who is I am? I am.

Where do you go from there? Just silence, presence. I am that… I am.

The I am of you, the I am presence is filled with silence and all around it is endless silence and you are that, too. There’s no limit to you: pure consciousness, perfect presence.”

Find more of Leonard’s videos at