No thought

No thought can reveal God. Every thought hides or covers God, your Self. Every thought is a chain; nice thoughts are golden chains. A golden chain will keep you imprisoned just as much as an iron chain. You must undo all thinking. Get the mind quiet. And then quiet enough so the infinite being that you are is self-obvious. It’s there all the time; the thoughts are the noise that’s covering it. However, if you must have thoughts, a thought in the direction of God is much better than a thought in other directions, as it points you toward God. –Lester Levenson

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  1. Another view is that instead of seeking silence (freedom from thoughts), seek full acceptance of the thoughts. Allow them to happen; surrender to them if need be. By not offering resistance, the thoughts are no longer stimulated, so they naturally fall away. Of course, there is more to this, but let’s just see if this comment is accepted first.

  2. Accepting thoughts is a start, but will not alone bring us to our inner reality and divinity. This is obvious to anyone who has had a spontaneous experience of the Oneness of reality.

    Any path to inner knowledge must confront that which masks or veils that reality. It is deadness of the nervous system, caused by overloads of sensory or cognitive experience, that prevents us from full inner knowledge. This is important to understand, because without understanding our spiritual practice will be hindered by inner obstacles of thinking, feeling, sensations in the body, and more.

    Further information about how external overloads of experience cause inner stress to accumulate in the nervous system can be found at .

    The question then comes, how can we eliminate these stored stresses, that hide our own inner nature?

    One way is to experience a process of increasingly refined awareness, starting with the level of ordinary thinking, until we transcend all levels of thinking and experience pure consciousness. This mental experience, called transcending, produces a state of deep rest that allows the nervous system to dissolve and eliminate the stored stresses.

    This process of transcending is completely effortless and natural, just like our natural states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping. In fact, transcending can be considered a fourth major state of consciousness, and this point of view is supported by scientific research, which finds that transcending can be measured as a unique state of the physiology.

    More in my next post, if you continue to permit these ideas.

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