Gratitude, Obedience, Loyalty and Devotion on the Spiritual Journey

Allan Chuck, a World Wide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, gives valuable insights in this teaching on Total GOLD. Whatever your spiritual journey might be, this teaching has many keys that could help you along your way.

Gratitude: Who and what are we grateful for?
Obedience: What is obedience?
Loyalty: Who are we loyal to?
Devotion: What is Devotion?

In Dr. Sha’s book, The Power of Soul, he invites you to make a vow of Total GOLD. This section is near the beginning of the book and when I read it I was a bit miffed, “Am I ready for that or not?” I did not make a vow. That section of the book haunted me as I finished reading the book. I felt the importance of doing something like making a spiritual vow would be profound, beyond even the importance of making a marriage vow.

The more I contemplated this vow, the more I thought how, to make such a vow, it would signify that I have truly realized I am a spiritual being having a human adventure. It would signify that I had really recognized and accepted that I was taking responsibility for everything in my life, because I AM everything in my life.

I continue to contemplate the import of taking such a spiritual vow. In the meantime, I have appreciated Allan Chuck’s teachings and await more installments as he hinted there could be quit a few on Total GOLD.

This is the link for the entire series of videos.

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  1. I never considered myself spiritual. In fact I was quite angery with God. I used to think, if God did exist how could God allow me to suffer so much. Then, I started to practice Master Sha’s soul healing techniques. By practicing these soul healing techniques, I began to feel healthier and happier. I reconnected with the Divine. I began to have faith and believe in many different spiritual beings. I also learned the root cause of my suffering is a result of my Karma. I learned how to ask for forgiveness from the souls that I harmed and to forgive the souls that have harmed me. Through Master Sha’s teaching I learned what Total GOLD is.

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