Experience the Flowering Heart Blessing with Michael Milner and Suzanne Champlin


Michael Milner is a former Oneness Advanced Trainer, Oneness Meditator and Sacred Chambers Facilitator who recently cut official ties with Oneness University and is now sharing the Flowering Heart Blessing, which he and his wife, Suzanne Champlin received upon deep soul searching and guidance from the Divine.

My favorite quote of Michael’s  is:

However awakened you are, has your heart flowered?  Are you kind?

During their three months of reflection, they asked how to go deeper into the heart, they asked, “What would a flowering heart blessing would feel like?” And the Divine delivered.

You can hear them discuss their journey and intention of how to help others with the Flowering Heart Blessing on this video from their Monday night show. The new blessing is not associated with any particular teacher, guru, avatar or religion.

While you may receive the ability to give blessings by receiving a Flowering Heart Blessing, you can get a full introduction to it by participating in their online course, The Power of Blessings. You can learn more about the course and register from THIS LINK. Please also be sure to listen to Suzanne discuss how people have received the ability to give this blessing in the video here at 32 min.

Michael Milner started on his spiritual journey at 17 years old and his path includes becoming a Taoist Priest, a Christian minister first as a Protestant, then a Catholic Franciscan, later a Free Catholic Priest & Bishop and he holds three Phds, one in Pastoral Counseling and has spent time with masters, adepts, shamans, healers and teachers from many traditions. To learn more about Michael, click here.

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