Unity Minister Rev. Howard Caesar on Oneness Teachings

The Reverend Howard Caesar of Unity of Houston discovered the Oneness Blessing in 2007 and his Unity church has a thriving Oneness Ministry. He is a Oneness Blessing Giver and in 2012 he was initiated as a Oneness Meditator, to bring through a direct transfer of Divine energies transmitted by gazing, with the receivers simply gazing at the Oneness Meditator.

Rev. Caesar has addressed the Oneness University teachings in Sunday services at his church and gives a good introduction to the Oneness Blessing(PDF) and how the non-denominational phenomenon is aligned with Christianity and Unity teachings.

In an interview on Awakened-Leaders.com(PDF), the Rev. Caesar describes a life-altering experience he had in India in 2012:

I came out with no mind chatter, a quiet mind, free of the sense of self—it had just fallen away. I had no inner conflict, no suffering, that core of fear was gone. The big thing when I came back is that my congregants and staff just saw a big shift in me and that my energy had shifted.

on Oneness Teachings . . .

In this Sunday message, Reverend Caesar discusses many Oneness teachings including the three kinds of suffering; fear; what to do with thoughts; Christ consciousness; the separate self; conscious vs. aware; what is an awakened being; how does one become awakened; and Jesus on passion for right relation to the Divine.

December 9, 2012 | Headed For Awakening | Rev. Howard Caesar | Sunday Lessons at Unity of Houston

on Awakening . . .

Rev. Caesar discusses what awakening is and the awakening shift that is happening with many people. This is a progressive Christianity discussion about the ego; spirituality; who you are; and the process of awakening.

January 19, 2014 | The World of Awakening | Rev. Howard Caesar | Sunday Lessons at Unity of Houston

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