All of us Are Gods & We Don’t Need to Fight with Each Other

All of us are Gods & We don’t need to fight with Each Other

“If I have to translate the word ‘Advaita’ with the clear meaning and interpretation of the practical experience, this is the experiential interpretation, expression, experiential expression of Advaitha: “Advaitha does not mean oneness, Advaitha does not mean monism, it means there is no two, there is no one, infinite; but infinite, everything is infinitely powerful”.

That is why the Sanatana Hindu Dharma allows all of us to be Gods and not fight with each other. All of us are gods and we don’t need to fight with each other. We don’t need any superior body to guide all of us, to rotate all of us, or to put a traffic signal for all of us. All the planets are having any traffic policeman to put signal? No! They are all independently intelligent! Independently intelligent all of them exist…..all of them exist and all of them are ultimate. No need for the superior body. Same way, all of us are Gods and no need for superior body. You realize your potentiality, you establish yourself in the space of Completion, you are God! That’s all! ” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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