Matt Kahn: Demystifying Ascension: Part 1

Matt Kahn released this update in March, 2015 and asks us to share it far and wide.

Please note the Angel Academy 4 is over and Angel Academy 5 starts in September 2015. It is a teleconference series. There are usually opportunities on the interviews he gives to purchase the former Angel Academies or retreats at a good price or on his website.

Energy Update March 2015

Demystifying Ascension: Part 1

 by Matt Kahn

What a true joy to watch an entire world open up to its absolute potential by remembering the divine origin that unites each heart as one. During such a time of energetic expansion, comes much confusion and misunderstanding about what is happening on the planet, as well as the events that will come to be throughout the cosmic rebirth of humanity. As an emerging leader and tour guide of a new spiritual paradigm, it is my honor to share with you everything I know from my open dialogues and ongoing conversations with the Universe. I offer you these updates to ease every worry, and assist you in resolving each fear, so you may step forward as a fully liberated light-bearer of heart-centered consciousness.

From the very first moment I began to learn about the global awakening phenomenon known as ascension, I intuitively knew it had nothing to do with escaping a dying planet and arriving somewhere new. I always had a sense that everything that can be spoken about in a literal fashion is always bound to unfold in a more quantum and metaphorical way. Whether it was being captivated by the notion of the rapture, or watching the final scene in the “Celestine Prophecy” movie many years ago, I saw the disappearance of beings as the dissolving of a separate self. In the collapsing old paradigm of 3D beliefs and concepts, beings expressed their individuality through the personification of “I”. While in the higher dimensions, the “I” exists as a unique expression of spirit in action, it does not compete, defend, deny, negotiate, struggle, manipulate, or coerce, as has become a tendency for many during their stay in the 3rd dimension.

During this crucial stage of awakening, the competing, defending, argumentative, manipulative, seeking, and struggling “I” dissolves out of experience. Since the majority of your life was most-likely spent developing, enhancing, defending, or denying the 3D sense of self, when these tendencies collapse, it can feel as if you are disappearing, or that the world as you know it is coming to an end. This is what the metaphor of the rapture, the Celestine Prophecy, and many ascension paths are attempting to depict. However, when it is comprehended literally, instead of understood metaphorically, it can create a drastic amount of confusion. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of beautiful heart-centered beings who are so worried about leaving their loved ones behind, or trying to fast-track their spiritual path in attempt to keep the tribe journeying together. Let me be very clear – no one gets left behind because we are not actually going anywhere else. As the masters of our destiny, the 5th dimension comes to us – we do not go to it.

While Earth has always been rooted in a 5D field of consciousness, the veil of our 3D human play is ending to begin a greater exploration of life.

As the need or tendency to compete, complain, worry, argue, negotiate, seek, judge, deny, and defend are unraveled out of your energy field, a new sense of self emerges; one that is rooted in cooperation, unity, peace, love, gratitude, abundance, radiance, health, joy, and inspiration, which are the natural characteristics of a soul in form. As always, the turmoil you see in the world represents the amount of inner change occurring in the human condition. For many, there isn’t enough motivation to look within and discover a new horizon of existence without tumultuous worldly activity driving them inward to seek refuge, safety, and a greater perspective.

Perhaps you are beginning to see that when more time is spent exploring the inner landscape of your true self, without replacing exploration for a habitual need to cleanse and clear everything in sight, or fight against what could only be the Divine masquerading in form, you come to notice how differently your world tends to unfold. I say this, because each of us is living in our own unique versions of Earth, while interacting with each other within the same eternal space. Many of you are aware of the concept of parallel dimensions and how there are many possibilities existing simultaneous to the experiences you see before you.

To make it more clear, each dimension comes decorated as a human being to represent and act out how life on their planet seems to play out. This means every human being acts as a news reporter in the field of consciousness, informing you of how life on their planet seems to unfold. Without a need to blame yourself for the ups and downs of their experience – an awakening heart uses the experiences of parallel dimensions, or other people, like flashcards of evolving consciousness.

Through the play of polarity, or the balance of opposing forces, when someone reports fear and tension from their world of experience, that is life offering you a flashcard to practice anchoring the opposite energy. It’s as if the others you see are merely acting out the old ways of being to inspire you to respond from the new spiritual paradigm, like children using flashcards to memorize state capitals in school.

To make this flashcard process easier to understand and more practical in application, please consider the following strategy:

When someone is sad, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with happiness.”

When someone is afraid, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with courage.”

When someone is skeptical, doubtful, or insecure, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with faith.”

When someone is frustrated, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with peace.”

When someone is lost, bewildered, or lonely, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with clarity, joy, and fulfillment.”

When someone is hurting, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with love.”

When someone is in pain, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be healed.”

And, if these 3D tendencies arise in your experience, you can become your own flashcard of practice, inviting you to bless yourself with the opposite energy.

As you can see, this is not about pretending to be what you’re not, nor does it have anything to do with blaming yourself for the experience unfolding in each parallel dimension or human being. The truth is, the conditioning existing in others is not a reflection of what is unresolved in you. That would be like the Buddha questioning his enlightenment since his students always seem confused about the truth, or Jesus doubting his loving heart in a world of judgmental beings.

Instead, infinite worlds depicted as the life and times of each individual act as your ongoing practice of anchoring heart-centered consciousness by offering blessings to whomever comes your way. Whether offered silently, or spoken verbally, the path of eternal blessings replaces the need to spend time doing endless rounds of purification or spiritual gymnastics, since you are the Divine here to transform an entire universe by the grace, ecstasy, and perfection of your eternal heart space.

This is how you hone your skills as an angel in training. Each moment becomes an opportunity to further your path of initiation to become the spirit guide for those who are set to be born in the future. This is why I refer to Earth as the Angel Academy. It is a holographic reality occurring within the dimension of heaven, only appearing exactly the way you see it to help you anchor new energy by the blessings others inspire you to offer.

As far as ascension goes, it would be more accurate to no longer wonder when Earth is ascending, but to contemplate when your Earth will ascend. The answer is found in your willingness to view each interaction with parallel dimensions or other people as flashcards that assist you in silently or verbally responding to worldly chaos or personal turmoil with blessings of the opposite vibration. From this space, you are not interfering with the experiences of others, but allowing their feedback to raise the vibration of your planet. As this occurs, you will appear to be the first person in your world to embody a new frequency of heart-centered consciousness. As your blessing spree continues beyond that point, your energy field expands to allow others to reflect back the 5D energy you anchor on a daily basis.

While the Universe gave me the date 9/27/15 as a marker in time, signifying when the first wave, or 1/3 of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness, many interpreted this through older ascension models and created literal meaning out of a metaphorical journey of expanding consciousness. Others assumed it to be a date when the world in view begins to become the heaven on Earth they yearn to discover. As a way of clarifying what I’ve been told, 9/27/15 signifies a moment in time when 1/3rd of the planet will be aligned in 5D consciousness. When you are aligned, it signifies your readiness for entry. This means, as of 9/27/15, 1/3rd of the planet will begin a rapid ascension into 5D consciousness. It won’t be a dissolving into a different planet, but an emerging into a new spiritual paradigm of experience.

Because we are living in accelerated times, I will be offering another energy update this week focusing on entry into 5D consciousness, including signs of 5D awareness, and what you can expect as you enter this new climate of reality. In the meantime, please allow this energy update to inspire your most heart-centered practice of offering blessings to yourself, others, and the world in response to whatever arises. We are way past the point of waiting to be rescued by the forces of light, or hiding from life until it miraculously changes. Instead, we are stepping forward as the new graduating class of initiated angels, who are fortunate to each live on our own planets of experience that transform into higher vibrations from the inside out, once the offering of blessings remains our ongoing response to the activities in view.

Remember, you are not the cause of anything you see, but the solution awakening in every heart.

With greater faith in the metaphorical implications of your highest evolution that leave you nothing to fear, and no one to deny, I am honored to call you deeper into the integrity of conscious action. All this so you may come to see how brightly you shine and remember once and for all, exactly how far your angel wings can spread.

To support the healing of every heart, please forward this energy update to everyone you love and post it in your favorite discussion groups and forum pages.

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On behalf of the Universe, I congratulate you on your incredible journey so far, as you have successfully survived a past that never had the power to do anything but inspire brighter spectrums of greatness within you for the well-being of all.

As always, further instructions will follow. In the meantime, bless everything in sight, until only the light remains.

Many blessings beautiful Ones,
Matt Kahn

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Stu da Buddha: American Buddha

If you haven’t heard of Stuart Mooney, well… you have now! He is an Awakened being, considered “God Realized”. He experiences the Oneness of all life as an observer, Divinely guided.

His past includes being a psychologist involved in the ground-breaking studies on Transcendental Meditation (TM) in the 70’s. He’s studied with enumerable yogis over 40 years and has been the subject of scientific experiments of his transmissions of Divine Grace. Now in his 60’s, his audios, videos and courses are well worth attending.

Check his website to see if you can attend one of his events or invite him to speak to your group.

From Hell to Heaven in a Moment: Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson, of New Mexico, shares her awakening experience of dropping her “I” and feeling Love come back home; her years of integration; suffering and pain; getting the mind to rest; what is the body and lots of other subjects for further contemplation.

Her homepage is:

There are chapters by or about her in three books:

  • Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: The Feminine face of Awakening by Rita Marie Robinson
  • The Teachers of One by Paula Marvelly
  • Dialogues with Emerging Spiritual Teachers by John Parker

Getting Started on the Spiritual Path & Learning Meditation with a Meditation Master

When I first started on the spiritual path, I tried to learn how to meditate. But the instructions were to “not think of anything”. Yeah, right! Ironically, the first time I astral traveled occurred when I was trying to meditate.

It was about 1991 and my husband and I lived in Brisbane, Australia. We had a housemate from Wisconsin: Sam. Dave, the owner of the home, had swapped jobs/houses/cars with Sam. Dave worked at the bus transport department in Brisbane and Sam had a similar job in Wisconsin. So, quiet, gone-nearly-every-weekend, bike-riding, nature-boy Dave, was replaced by Sam.

From an Australian’s perspective, Sam was the epitome of the Type-A, loud, Hawaiian-shirted “Yank” – that’s Australian slang for someone from the U.S.A. Sam was a sweetheart though and we often think of him now.

It happened that I had some time while I was waiting for Sam to come home early from work so I could take him to the airport. I sat in the living room, reading Chris Griscom’s book, Time is an Illusion and thought, innocently enough, that I would take a break from reading and meditate, or more accurately: I would try to meditate.

I closed my eyes and relaxed a little bit and tried. Nothing. Actually “nothing” would have been the point, so I think it was more like, “lots of something”, i.e. lots of mental chatter. So, since Chris talks a bit about astral traveling spontaneously when she was a child, I thought, “Well, if I can’t mediate, then I’ll try to astral travel.”

No sooner had I thought that, than I found myself shooting straight up out of my body. My consciousness was aware of the high velocity and I could vaguely see I was shooting up into space. I had read astral travel books and thought, “I should be able to control this” and thought to slow down. I was hearing the celestial music – the music of the spheres – which was incredible. But nothing slowed.

All of a sudden I started shooting back down. And again, I thought to try to slow it down, but the speed continued and I popped into my body. I opened my eyes and there was Sam. Standing near me, dressed in his jogging clothes, sweating and holding a can of Coke and rocking side to side a bit on the balls of his running shoes. His usual thing to do after a run.

I became aware that my body was paralyzed. My head worked though and I said to Sam, “I can’t move my body.” True to Sam’s lighthearted nature, he said, “Well, that’s what you get for reading those books!”

With that, a moment later, I was aware of being in this place and time, in my body and it worked fine. Sam wasn’t home from work yet.

What had happened? I think I became aware in an alternate reality. But why? Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had ‘accepted’ that reality. Would I have moved to a different time-line? A different reality? A better one, or a worse one?

Now, 20 years later, I am still learning how to meditate! How is a beginner on a spiritual path supposed to figure out how to meditate?

I was reminded of my struggles in learning how to meditate by a post an 18-year-old made on David Wilcock’s site, Divine Cosmos, saying she knows she needs to “get in tune with my higher self” and was asking what to do. I thought a bit about how I might reply to her and the first thing that came to mind was Jasmuheen’s free 200-page Embassy of Peace Training Manual. (It’s a PDF File, Click Here to Download it.)

Her manual is a fantastic introduction to the spiritual journey. She emphasizes an 8-point daily practice she calls the “Luscious Lifestyles Program” which can be applied by anyone, regardless of their belief system. Jasmuheen teaches meditation via her manual and the supporting videos. She has an extensive video collection on YouTube. Beyond just learning how to meditate, her manual guides you to live so that you get more in touch with, what she calls, your DOW or Divine Oneness Within.

The best part is that Jasmuheen is a being who walks her talk. She has been asking for guidance since she was 7-years-old, meditating since she was 16 and has now been living on light for over 10 years (meaning that food is not needed, and rather a conscious choice for her). Her manual teaches how to live a lifestyle that brings greater harmony to our own field by becoming physically fit, emotionally fit, mentally fit and spiritually fit, thus better interacting with and supporting the Universal field.

Aside from her Free Manual, she has a book, available as a printed book or an e-book, called Meditation Magic. It features 30 of her meditations to help beginners and advanced meditators.

Here is Jasmuheen’s video, Meditation Magic:

Programming for Divinity with Breatharian Jasmuheen

Jasmuheen, who hails from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, ( near where we used to live on) gave a divinely inspired teaching at the Raw Spirit Festival in 2009. Surrounded by ardent raw foodees, she talks about the complications of even raw food. She gives several, what she calls, “programs” to reprogram your mindsets to allow yourself to get nutrients from prana. Below, I transcribed a few of these programs.

Link to the entire series of 6 videos.

She also relays how she was told to prepare us all for contact. A bit crazy even for her, she says.

“Tell these strings of consciousness, that represent part of my beingness, to now absorb from within the matrix any streams of nutrition they need to come into perfect harmony on all levels, in this realm and all other realms with all beings and all life force in a way that allows me to manifest the divinity I am.”

From Part 3:

Tell your Divine, “Look, if it is in my blueprint to do what Jasmuheen is talking about and taken her 40 years to understand, then allow me to step into this field of expression, this love field where all of my vitamins and minerals and nourishment come from, allow me to step into it and be a living example of this with joy and ease and grace.”

Three Mantras from Part 5, which help rise from within you, something that already exists within you.

  1. On the in-breath, “I am”; on the out-breath, “love”.
  2. On the in-breath, “I am”; on the out-breath, “infinite”.
  3. On the in-breath, “I am”; on the out-breath, “eternal”

DNA Program from Part 5:

I now invite, I now command, all my human DNA to re-align itself back into my original pure and perfect divine DNA blueprint.

Mantra from Part 6:

“Perfect harmony, all fields now.”

Here is the program I am presently working with. I put it in the Power of Soul format taught by Master Zhi Gang Sha:

Dear Divine,
Allow me to step into the field of love where all of my vitamins, minerals and nourishment come from.
Allow me to step into it with joy, ease and grace.
Thank you.

What I repeat, for 3-5 minutes at a time or longer is:

Divine Love feeds and nourishes my soul, mind and body. Thank you.
Divine Love feeds and nourishes my soul, mind and body. Thank you.
Divine Love feeds and nourishes my soul, mind and body. Thank you.

What I visualize while doing this is divine love, as chi or prana violet or golden waves, entering my body and going to all of my cells as I inhale and exhale the violet waves into my field.