Unity Minister Rev. Howard Caesar on Oneness Teachings

The Reverend Howard Caesar of Unity of Houston discovered the Oneness Blessing in 2007 and his Unity church has a thriving Oneness Ministry. He is a Oneness Blessing Giver and in 2012 he was initiated as a Oneness Meditator, to bring through a direct transfer of Divine energies transmitted by gazing, with the receivers simply gazing at the Oneness Meditator.

Rev. Caesar has addressed the Oneness University teachings in Sunday services at his church and gives a good introduction to the Oneness Blessing(PDF) and how the non-denominational phenomenon is aligned with Christianity and Unity teachings.

In an interview on Awakened-Leaders.com(PDF), the Rev. Caesar describes a life-altering experience he had in India in 2012:

I came out with no mind chatter, a quiet mind, free of the sense of self—it had just fallen away. I had no inner conflict, no suffering, that core of fear was gone. The big thing when I came back is that my congregants and staff just saw a big shift in me and that my energy had shifted.

on Oneness Teachings . . .

In this Sunday message, Reverend Caesar discusses many Oneness teachings including the three kinds of suffering; fear; what to do with thoughts; Christ consciousness; the separate self; conscious vs. aware; what is an awakened being; how does one become awakened; and Jesus on passion for right relation to the Divine.

December 9, 2012 | Headed For Awakening | Rev. Howard Caesar | Sunday Lessons at Unity of Houston

on Awakening . . .

Rev. Caesar discusses what awakening is and the awakening shift that is happening with many people. This is a progressive Christianity discussion about the ego; spirituality; who you are; and the process of awakening.

January 19, 2014 | The World of Awakening | Rev. Howard Caesar | Sunday Lessons at Unity of Houston

Stuart Mooney on Enlightenment and Awakening

Stuart MooneyThe Moscow, Russia group of Oneness Blessing givers interviewed Stuart Mooney in January, 2011. In this interview (no longer on 1ness channel on Vimeo), Stuart starts out by answering the question, “What’s the difference between God Realization, Awakening and Enlightenment?”

Here is a section of this that I transcribed and titled:

“You can’t use the jailer to get you out of jail”

Once you see who’s looking at those things, you don’t need any more. Yogis in India go around with turbans and diapers and they’re happy as clams. It’s not outside, it’s inside. And the only way to solve the inside is with Divine Grace. Something other than your head has to solve this.

The greatest realization I ever had was in 2006, when I’m sitting in front of the Guides in India and there were 80 old men like me, who have studied with various yogis for 40 years. We’re all broke and miserable and sitting in front of the Guides [at the Oneness University in India]. And this was our last hope.

So, some of these smart, old guys are saying, “Oh, I am the witness of the witness of the witness watching my mind.”

The Guide says, “Your mind made that up.”

And he goes, “No, no, no, but I ‘m the witness of the guy witnessing the guy making it up.”

The Guide says, “Your mind made that up, as well.”

Then I had the shocking experience that made me stand up in front of the Guides and go, “Oh my god, you can’t get out of this!”

You can’t use the jailer to get you out of jail!

You’re using the machine that has you trapped to help you to get untrapped. It has a vested interest in keeping you trapped. So, if you get untrapped, then the mind is out of a job. And the mind vanishes.

So the mind’s job is to never get you to the answer. It’s just there to keep you busy. Life is like a circular building: the mind tells you the answer’s just around the corner, but there are no corners in a circular building, you never get around the corner.

So, when I said, ‘You can’t get out of it’. The Guides turned to me and they said, “Do you admit defeat? Do you surrender?” They said, “Do you realize that life has completely tricked you and even Enlightenment is made up? And you meditated for 40 years and spent your entire wealth for nothing?” And at that moment, my head exploded and I had my Awakening.

I went back to my room, I laid down in my bed and I thought to myself,  “If it’s completely hopeless and I can never get out, then I don’t have to waste my time seeking anymore.” A great peace came over me. I was Free.

That’s how that works!