“Light of Eternity” Russian Healing Movie in English

This YOUTube English dubbing of the Russian film, Light of Eternity is creating quite a stir in the Pacific Northwest. In the film, people tell of regenerating organs and growing new teeth. Arkady Petrov is the subject and he runs centers in Russia that teach people these methods. He also has authored a triology of books in Russian only, at present, called Creation of the Universe. The three books are entitled: Rescue You; Rescue the World in You and Rescue the World Around You

Svetlana Smirnova, of the Svet Centre in Hamburg, Germany, came to Yelm, Washington state to give a seminar on October 2 and 3, 2010. Svetlana is a neurologist, clairvoyant and homeopath who has trained with Gergori Grabovoi, of Russia and is Russian, but living in Germany now. If you would like to be notified of the seminars as soon as details are finalized, please send an email to laptopyogi AT gmail.com with Russian Healing in the subject.

Light of Eternity (Russian with English dubbing)

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Programming for Divinity with Breatharian Jasmuheen

Jasmuheen, who hails from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, ( near where we used to live on) gave a divinely inspired teaching at the Raw Spirit Festival in 2009. Surrounded by ardent raw foodees, she talks about the complications of even raw food. She gives several, what she calls, “programs” to reprogram your mindsets to allow yourself to get nutrients from prana. Below, I transcribed a few of these programs.

Link to the entire series of 6 videos.

She also relays how she was told to prepare us all for contact. A bit crazy even for her, she says.

“Tell these strings of consciousness, that represent part of my beingness, to now absorb from within the matrix any streams of nutrition they need to come into perfect harmony on all levels, in this realm and all other realms with all beings and all life force in a way that allows me to manifest the divinity I am.”

From Part 3:

Tell your Divine, “Look, if it is in my blueprint to do what Jasmuheen is talking about and taken her 40 years to understand, then allow me to step into this field of expression, this love field where all of my vitamins and minerals and nourishment come from, allow me to step into it and be a living example of this with joy and ease and grace.”

Three Mantras from Part 5, which help rise from within you, something that already exists within you.

  1. On the in-breath, “I am”; on the out-breath, “love”.
  2. On the in-breath, “I am”; on the out-breath, “infinite”.
  3. On the in-breath, “I am”; on the out-breath, “eternal”

DNA Program from Part 5:

I now invite, I now command, all my human DNA to re-align itself back into my original pure and perfect divine DNA blueprint.

Mantra from Part 6:

“Perfect harmony, all fields now.”

Here is the program I am presently working with. I put it in the Power of Soul format taught by Master Zhi Gang Sha:

Dear Divine,
Allow me to step into the field of love where all of my vitamins, minerals and nourishment come from.
Allow me to step into it with joy, ease and grace.
Thank you.

What I repeat, for 3-5 minutes at a time or longer is:

Divine Love feeds and nourishes my soul, mind and body. Thank you.
Divine Love feeds and nourishes my soul, mind and body. Thank you.
Divine Love feeds and nourishes my soul, mind and body. Thank you.

What I visualize while doing this is divine love, as chi or prana violet or golden waves, entering my body and going to all of my cells as I inhale and exhale the violet waves into my field.

Gratitude, Obedience, Loyalty and Devotion on the Spiritual Journey

Allan Chuck, a World Wide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, gives valuable insights in this teaching on Total GOLD. Whatever your spiritual journey might be, this teaching has many keys that could help you along your way.

Gratitude: Who and what are we grateful for?
Obedience: What is obedience?
Loyalty: Who are we loyal to?
Devotion: What is Devotion?

In Dr. Sha’s book, The Power of Soul, he invites you to make a vow of Total GOLD. This section is near the beginning of the book and when I read it I was a bit miffed, “Am I ready for that or not?” I did not make a vow. That section of the book haunted me as I finished reading the book. I felt the importance of doing something like making a spiritual vow would be profound, beyond even the importance of making a marriage vow.

The more I contemplated this vow, the more I thought how, to make such a vow, it would signify that I have truly realized I am a spiritual being having a human adventure. It would signify that I had really recognized and accepted that I was taking responsibility for everything in my life, because I AM everything in my life.

I continue to contemplate the import of taking such a spiritual vow. In the meantime, I have appreciated Allan Chuck’s teachings and await more installments as he hinted there could be quit a few on Total GOLD.

This is the link for the entire series of videos.

Braco Healing Gaze 7-Second Rule Video

This year, 2010, my attempt to create a Braco Healing Gaze video for myself got me in a bit of hot water. Unfortunately, I did not login to my YouTube account for 6 days after I posted the video, so I wasn’t aware of the request to remove it from Jane Sibbett, the producer of the most recent English-language Braco videos.

What I did was, I used about 1.5 minutes from another fan’s Healing Braco Gaze video and repeated it a number of times to equal about 9 minutes of gazing. I made one with a nice sound track from Raphael’s Music to Disappear Into II (Surrender) and I made a second one with no music (play your own; I had in mind a Theta brain wave track, personally).

The two videos were up on YouTube about six days and garnered over 500 views and over 200 views, respectively. Today I logged into my YouTube account and saw the messages from Jane, as well as several from people thanking me for the video. I have heard that YouTube becomes like a social website (or is one?) where you have to be regular, or perish… and now I believe it.

I certainly never wanted to do anything against Braco’s wishes!

Jane Sibbett (Update: 2020 she works for herself, with her own unique healing gift!) wrote a very gracious letter asking me to remove the two videos and said that she was writing at Braco’s request. (Please forgive me, Braco! I’m sorry.) She said that Braco was told guidelines by Spirit for his gazing live, in DVDs and online. For DVDs and online, the gazing is not to be shown for more than 7 seconds. Anyone who films or produces for Braco would know this.

So I have removed the videos and have made a short video about this 7-second guideline in the hopes that other Braco fans will honor his requests. It seems there are a number of videos with footage from live events which is being used without permission from Braco.

Personally, from my experience originally watching the 1.5 min gazing on YouTube and manually restarting it for about 10 repeats, I hope that Spirit will eventually allow longer gazing DVDs so more people can experience Braco’s gift. I really think the energy can come through longer sessions on video format also.

Ho’oponopono — Free up the Soul Quote

The theme of Self-Identity through Ho’oponopono: clean up memories to free up the Soul to experience the sweetness of Divinity.

And as such, we are not here to save anyone (they’re perfect already) but to release our souls from memories, allowing Divinity to infuse them with peace and ease beyond all understanding. —Ihaleakala

Live & Kidney Ho’oponopono Meditation Video Backstory

If you feel inspired to do so, join me in my Ho’oponopono meditation to clean and erase the programs I share with Christina which are contributing to her health issues.

UPDATE: Christina passed this plane Sunday morning, Jan. 24, 2010

You can continue to use this video to help you to clean memories associated with liver and kidney issues, of your own or someone with failing liver or kidneys or needing a liver transplant. Where I say her name, replace it with yours or your friend’s.

[Previous Update:(From Becky Davidson) Christina was rejected for the liver transplant list. As we feared, they felt she was too sick to even survive the operation. Also, they try to be really sure that a candidate will not reject the organ, as apparently this is a horrific situation, much worse than what one suffers with the initial liver disease. Christina has weighed a few options presented to her and has decided that she will come to our home for hospice care. This land has been her home for the past few years, and it is where she will be most comfortable. We will continue to work on her healing and are asking that you keep her in your focus also. We are not only believers in miracles, but creators of them too! “]

When I heard of Christina’s kidney and liver failure – for the first time since hearing of the failing health of family and acquaintances – I did not feel helpless. I did not feel like I couldn’t do anything about it.

I recall in my first Beginning C&E event at RSE (1994), Ramtha said the reason we can’t look a cripple in the eye; the reason we can’t look a bum in the eye is because we forgot how to heal them.

Recently I realized, the only way I can potentially help anyone is by taking care of myself first. I must take responsibility for whatever is in me that has contributed to another person’s woes… when they come into my awareness it means their woe is STILL IN ME. Even if it is at the fringe of my perception, it is in my perception and it is mine.

But, I can’t  analyze it and try to figure out exactly what is our connection. It is somewhere in the subconscious mind. My subconscious mind knows; I don’t have to. It can petition Divinity to erase the programs that are playing unceasing in my mind. I just need to ask. I just need to make the choice for Freedom.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice that has been updated for our times. While it stems from Hawai’i, its ancient roots are in Lemuria.

It is simple. Just saying “I love you” and/or “Thank You” starts the cleaning.

Ramtha’s teaching on Forgiveness and Love from 1981, which was published in the February 1998 Golden Thread says it all. I ‘coincidentally’ pulled it out of a bag of old Golden Threads a few days after experiencing my first Ho’oponopono weekend seminar on DVD.

With no expectations, I share this meditation with others. The important thing is that I have done it for me. If it inspires you in any way: if it contributes to Christina’s healing, that is a bonus. I know it is cleaning memories from my subconscious programming that I share with Christina and I thank her for being in my life.

To learn more about Ho’oponopono, visit http://www.miraclesandinspiration.com  for a listing of free audios and videos and a glossary of cleaning tools that may answer your questions about why things like strawberries and the word Hawai’i are in this video.

To get the music of Yelm, Washington artist Matthew Clary, please visit ReverbNation. 

Enjoy and Thank you.