Svaroopa®: a Spiritual Yoga for Every Body & Age

Svaroopa® Yoga

Discover a yoga that supports your spiritual practice AND your body! An ad in Yoga Journal and this video introduced me to Svaroopa® yoga, a non-athletic yoga that releases the tension around your spine from your tailbone up your spine. I had only ever been to one yoga class years ago in Australia, I had briefly learned Surya Namaskar  (sun salutations) in Oneness University trainings and practiced that occasionally: I was not a yoga asana practitioner by any means.

While I recommend seeking a Svaroopa® teacher in your area, this video is a good start. You’ll need to collect blankets and firmer couch cushions/pillows and perhaps use a chair, couch or coffee table to put your legs up on so your lower spine is truly on the floor in floor poses. I paused the video after each pose to move the blankets & pillows around.

During my clumsy practice at home with Krishna Sprinkle, courtesy of this interview on YouTube, I was amazed to experience what I’d been calling the Presence arise during this asana practice and it lingered with me for hours afterwards; much like the deep peace, calm and no-thinking state I’ve experienced with Oneness deeksha, OMs, practices in the Oneness Temple and Braco gazings.

With more study in yogic texts and teachings from the founder of Svaroopa®, Swami Nirmalananda, I’ve since realized that what I was calling the Presence is yogically called bliss: who knew? Plus, not surprisingly, a lot of Svaroopis refer to Svaroopa® yoga as bliss yoga!

Thus inspired, last month I started on about a 2-year path to become a Svaroopa® yoga teacher, completing the Foundations course. Early in the course, I experienced a significant release of tension of the muscles in front of my sacrum. The next day, I could feel those muscles supporting me, rather than my abdominals at the front of the belly trying to support me. Two days later in the course, I experienced more sacral release during Shavasana, thus surprising myself by discovering the deep healing potential of a properly supported and aligned Shavasana pose. My posture is changing, I walk differently and I feel that I still need to “Do more yoga” to continue my releases.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, contact me if you are interested in experiencing Svaroopa® yoga or attending a class, workshop, satsang or Foundations course as I am preparing to organize events. Also check the master calendar at the Svaroopa Vidya Ashram site to find events in your area and click the Freebies button on that site if you want to read more about Svaroopa® or listen to recent satsangs with Swami Nirmalananda.

“Light of Eternity” Russian Healing Movie in English

This YOUTube English dubbing of the Russian film, Light of Eternity is creating quite a stir in the Pacific Northwest. In the film, people tell of regenerating organs and growing new teeth. Arkady Petrov is the subject and he runs centers in Russia that teach people these methods. He also has authored a triology of books in Russian only, at present, called Creation of the Universe. The three books are entitled: Rescue You; Rescue the World in You and Rescue the World Around You

Svetlana Smirnova, of the Svet Centre in Hamburg, Germany, came to Yelm, Washington state to give a seminar on October 2 and 3, 2010. Svetlana is a neurologist, clairvoyant and homeopath who has trained with Gergori Grabovoi, of Russia and is Russian, but living in Germany now. If you would like to be notified of the seminars as soon as details are finalized, please send an email to laptopyogi AT with Russian Healing in the subject.

Light of Eternity (Russian with English dubbing)

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This link will bring you to the Russian version with German subtitles, auf Deutsch.

Braco Healing Gaze 7-Second Rule Video

This year, 2010, my attempt to create a Braco Healing Gaze video for myself got me in a bit of hot water. Unfortunately, I did not login to my YouTube account for 6 days after I posted the video, so I wasn’t aware of the request to remove it from Jane Sibbett, the producer of the most recent English-language Braco videos.

What I did was, I used about 1.5 minutes from another fan’s Healing Braco Gaze video and repeated it a number of times to equal about 9 minutes of gazing. I made one with a nice sound track from Raphael’s Music to Disappear Into II (Surrender) and I made a second one with no music (play your own; I had in mind a Theta brain wave track, personally).

The two videos were up on YouTube about six days and garnered over 500 views and over 200 views, respectively. Today I logged into my YouTube account and saw the messages from Jane, as well as several from people thanking me for the video. I have heard that YouTube becomes like a social website (or is one?) where you have to be regular, or perish… and now I believe it.

I certainly never wanted to do anything against Braco’s wishes!

Jane Sibbett (Update: 2020 she works for herself, with her own unique healing gift!) wrote a very gracious letter asking me to remove the two videos and said that she was writing at Braco’s request. (Please forgive me, Braco! I’m sorry.) She said that Braco was told guidelines by Spirit for his gazing live, in DVDs and online. For DVDs and online, the gazing is not to be shown for more than 7 seconds. Anyone who films or produces for Braco would know this.

So I have removed the videos and have made a short video about this 7-second guideline in the hopes that other Braco fans will honor his requests. It seems there are a number of videos with footage from live events which is being used without permission from Braco.

Personally, from my experience originally watching the 1.5 min gazing on YouTube and manually restarting it for about 10 repeats, I hope that Spirit will eventually allow longer gazing DVDs so more people can experience Braco’s gift. I really think the energy can come through longer sessions on video format also.