Embrace Your Ego: Don’t Shred it or Kill it! Part 1

“The Ego is your Friend.” Those words are fighting words to most self help and spiritual teachers. So many teachers tell you your ego is your ENEMY. How can a part of you be your enemy? That just doesn’t make sense to me. Because I had this question, the answers have been coming the past few weeks.

In this interview with Lilou, Panache Desai tells us that “When you can start embracing your ego, and accepting your ego, and understanding that that allows you to individually be [you] in this infinite ocean of oneness; it’s your ego that allows you to express yourself uniquely. How brilliant is that? So when you start embracing your ego and understanding its function, it becomes your friend and then it works with you and for you, in your life, instead of against you.”

Stuart Mooney on Enlightenment and Awakening

Stuart MooneyThe Moscow, Russia group of Oneness Blessing givers interviewed Stuart Mooney in January, 2011. In this interview (no longer on 1ness channel on Vimeo), Stuart starts out by answering the question, “What’s the difference between God Realization, Awakening and Enlightenment?”

Here is a section of this that I transcribed and titled:

“You can’t use the jailer to get you out of jail”

Once you see who’s looking at those things, you don’t need any more. Yogis in India go around with turbans and diapers and they’re happy as clams. It’s not outside, it’s inside. And the only way to solve the inside is with Divine Grace. Something other than your head has to solve this.

The greatest realization I ever had was in 2006, when I’m sitting in front of the Guides in India and there were 80 old men like me, who have studied with various yogis for 40 years. We’re all broke and miserable and sitting in front of the Guides [at the Oneness University in India]. And this was our last hope.

So, some of these smart, old guys are saying, “Oh, I am the witness of the witness of the witness watching my mind.”

The Guide says, “Your mind made that up.”

And he goes, “No, no, no, but I ‘m the witness of the guy witnessing the guy making it up.”

The Guide says, “Your mind made that up, as well.”

Then I had the shocking experience that made me stand up in front of the Guides and go, “Oh my god, you can’t get out of this!”

You can’t use the jailer to get you out of jail!

You’re using the machine that has you trapped to help you to get untrapped. It has a vested interest in keeping you trapped. So, if you get untrapped, then the mind is out of a job. And the mind vanishes.

So the mind’s job is to never get you to the answer. It’s just there to keep you busy. Life is like a circular building: the mind tells you the answer’s just around the corner, but there are no corners in a circular building, you never get around the corner.

So, when I said, ‘You can’t get out of it’. The Guides turned to me and they said, “Do you admit defeat? Do you surrender?” They said, “Do you realize that life has completely tricked you and even Enlightenment is made up? And you meditated for 40 years and spent your entire wealth for nothing?” And at that moment, my head exploded and I had my Awakening.

I went back to my room, I laid down in my bed and I thought to myself,  “If it’s completely hopeless and I can never get out, then I don’t have to waste my time seeking anymore.” A great peace came over me. I was Free.

That’s how that works!

Stu da Buddha: American Buddha

If you haven’t heard of Stuart Mooney, well… you have now! He is an Awakened being, considered “God Realized”. He experiences the Oneness of all life as an observer, Divinely guided.

His past includes being a psychologist involved in the ground-breaking studies on Transcendental Meditation (TM) in the 70’s. He’s studied with enumerable yogis over 40 years and has been the subject of scientific experiments of his transmissions of Divine Grace. Now in his 60’s, his audios, videos and courses are well worth attending.

Check his website to see if you can attend one of his events or invite him to speak to your group.

Tatyana’s Story: My First Aware OBE

I’ve been an RSE student for a little less than a year so. Not being totally clear on how to do the disciplines, I was aware of the fact that mastering focus- the ability to clear one’s mind- is a key to further practices and progress.

For me, it is all started with Candle focus. Focus for the sake of focus did not work for me, I really struggled with the discipline, so I decided that I needed a project, a goal to motivate myself, an organized way to practice it. With this in mind while researching the music tracks played at the events at the Ranch [Ed. note: local slang for Ramtha’s school], I discovered Hemi-Sync® brain wave technology and Monroe Institute research on altered states of consciousness.

After I learned who Robert Monroe was and read his books, that was it for me: “Out-of-Body Experiences” (OBEs) became my project, my goal, my motivation.

While researching about Monroe and his methods, I bumped into Michael Raduga’s books and materials and at that time I had decided that I will check it out later.

From the moment I decided to study OBEs, I had no problem practicing focus techniques. Moreover, I could not get enough, especially after I started making progress and interesting things and phenomenon started to happen. For example, my dreams became even more vivid and their recall significantly improved. I was seeing things and hearing things. Messages would pop up into my head, visions that would come true shortly thereafter.

Then I went to the Monroe Institute and participated in an OBE intensive program conducted by another famous OBE guy, William Buhlman. A lot has been happening for me, but I still could not accomplish what I was after – a conscious Out-of-Body-Experience with awareness which is not the same thing, as you will see later.

Just a little over a month ago, I finally returned to Michael’s books and materials and decided to check them out. I watched his seminar on the video and started practicing his techniques. Everything was very clear, straightforward, rationally explained and systematically laid out. Things immediately started working, however my main issue was the noise outside of my apartment building, which was very distracting, especially when I was doing Michael’s “listening in” technique. The noise bothered me previously, so I finally decided to deal with the issue and I got myself ear plugs.

That particular evening, I completely plugged my ears and went to bed with the intention to wake up in the morning and do Michael’s techniques. Also, just before going to bed, I had a lot of fun reading forum posts on Michael’s website about people’s first experiences using Michael’s techniques. All of this lead to the following experience:

I woke up in the middle of the night because of a very loud “thump” I heard somewhere in the building. I was sitting in my bed, thinking that the thump must have been really loud because I could hear it perfectly even with my ears being plugged. I decided to go to the front door and peek into a peep hole in hopes to see what’s going on. I heard the loud “thump” again. It sounded a bit scary. I lowered my feet to the floor, stood up and walked out of my bedroom towards the front door. I could feel the cold floor with my bare feet. I was approaching the front door and seeing the bright peep hole in the darkness, and all of a sudden it hit me: “I am in the Phase!”

I did not believe myself. “I did not do any techniques”, I thought, doubting.

So I decided to test if it is indeed a Phase. I lifted both of my feet up – that made me ‘sitting’ in the air – then I grabbed, with my right hand, the edge of a sliding door of a closet and pushed against the door with my both legs. I flew backwards, all the way to the other side of my living room, really surprised that I was still feeling my hand holding the closet door! My arm must have stretched like 10 feet!

I was floating right by my fireplace, seeing both of my feet in the air in my pajama pants. And I still did not believe that I was in the Phase, so I decided to fly up, but I could not push against the floor because my feet were in the air. So I concluded that it’s not the Phase and I decided to go back to sleep.

At that moment I found myself sitting on my bed, again realizing that my plugged ears bother me tremendously so I took the plugs out and in a second I realized that my ears are still plugged. “Hmm”, I thought, “that’s weird, I just took the plugs out, didn’t I?”

And that’s when I realized I am laying in my bed and feeling my real ears. I jumped in thrill, as I realized what had just happened. It was my first real Out-of-Body Experience, although I did not believe it! I was aware of the experience, but I was about conscious, otherwise I would clearly know that I was indeed out-of-body.

I took a notepad and as I was writing everything down, I vividly remembered vibrations that I felt before leaving the body. It was exactly as they are usually described – like being electrocuted without pain.

Since that day, I had a few lucid dreams where I would feel vibrations and know that I can leave the body. I had one interesting morning when I was practicing Michael’s techniques and nothing seemed to be happening, so I switched to “creating my day”, only to realize that I am looking at my bedroom with my eyes completely closed. I had few other interesting phenomena, visions, hearings. This is awesome! I can’t wait to learn this really well and then there is nothing I can’t do or experience.

So I thought, how could I have a real training by this guy? He has a school in Moscow, Russia, and I did not have any plans to go there, although it is actually my home city, where I was born and lived until coming to North America. So then I thought I should bring the guy here. Canada won’t have much audience for him, but Yelm would. But how do I do that? Will he come all the way from Moscow?

Imagine how happy I was when I contacted him on Facebook and asked if he has any interest in coming here and he responded that he is already here (in California) and actually looking for partners. That’s what they call “coincidence” and we call “frequency specific”.

From that moment, things just happened seemingly on its own: a friend of mine who I shared my idea with introduced me to Cari (Center for the Creative Arts), who introduced me to Cyndi and Devon, whose tremendous effort and loving hearts made this happen.

So now ladies and gentlemen, I present you Russian OBE Expert Michael Raduga!


Gratitude Rocks and Amazing Secret to Third Eye Opening

Dave, the Raw Food Trucker is a fantastic guy who lost over 200 lbs after getting on Raw food. One of my favorite video moments of Dave’s is him saying something like, “If you would have told me a year ago that I was going to be a raw food vegan, I would have beat the crap out of you!”

Our whole family and several friends met him in Seattle at the First International Juice Feast Day last year. That video has some great stories of people healed from cancer and other diseases by employing raw foods and juicing.  We also met Dan the LifeRegenerator which really made my 10-year-old daughter’s day who’s first raw food recipe was one of Dan’s!

Dave is an example of what can happen when you clean out your subtle anatomy (your nadis and ojas) and your physical anatomy (your basement membranes and your colon) and the divine energy can get through to you!

The first video explains his practice of Gratitude and how it opened up for him. The second video tells about the secret ingredient that somehow assisted in opening his Third Eye.

Life Rocks! with Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver

Transform your Life with Dave #5 Third Eye Opening

To view all the videos Megumi of Divine Foods Living made of Dave in Ecuador, watch the playlist of Dave here.

From Hell to Heaven in a Moment: Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson, of New Mexico, shares her awakening experience of dropping her “I” and feeling Love come back home; her years of integration; suffering and pain; getting the mind to rest; what is the body and lots of other subjects for further contemplation.

Her homepage is: www.pamelasatsang.com

There are chapters by or about her in three books:

  • Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: The Feminine face of Awakening by Rita Marie Robinson
  • The Teachers of One by Paula Marvelly
  • Dialogues with Emerging Spiritual Teachers by John Parker

Svetlana Smirnova and Alex Teetz Regeneration Methods Greatly Appreciated in Yelm

Alex Teetz & Svetlana Smirnova
Alex Teetz & Svetlana Smirnova in Yelm, Oct. 2010

The teachings of Svetlana Smirnova and her assistant, Alex Teetz, of the SVET Centre in Hamburg, were well received by the 60 people who attended the seminar in Yelm, Washington on October 2 and 3, 2010.

Svetlana spoke in German, with Alex translating and co-teaching with her. Her native language is Russian. She learned the methods of Gregori Grabovoi after arriving in Germany and realizing that to work as a Neurologist (qualified in Russia) she would have to  essentially repeat her internships in a German hospital. Already clairvoyant, she has studied and worked with Grabovoi’s methods for 12 years now. She also uses the methods of Arcady Petrov.

At the Yelm Seminar, a smorgasbord of healing methods were shared. The attendees were most excited about the number codes of Grabovoi. A number code  has been identified for nearly every disease. The codes are 7, 8 or 9-digits. There are also codes for each area of the body, which are good to use if you don’t have the exact code for your ailment.

The teeth regeneration method of Arcady Petrov was also taught. The various healing methods could be used together or in sequence to achieve the desired results.

Each method was explained first, with diagrams and referring to a booklet each attendee received. After the explanation, Svetlana lead the participants through a mental visualization exercise using the process. For us and most people, this guided exercise greatly helped in understanding the process.

With so many processes covered over the weekend, even though Devon and I missed a few of the exercises because of our organizer obligations, we felt significant shifts and our heads were buzzy for several days afterward. (Hence, why no update until now! LOL) Devon experienced Svetlana’s energy as a huge field and was grateful to be in her presence all weekend.

One energy worker from Sedona said that the seminar gave him the “power tools” to work with the energies he was already using. An intuitive coach from Washington has already started using the methods and says, “I am an Extruder fan!” (the “Extruder” is one of the major regeneration processes.) Another attendee has already reported that the Extruder process helped with a nerve issue.

Where did these processes come from? Apparently the processes developed by Grabovoi came about as a result of others wanting to do what he does.  Grabovoi is clairvoyant and can affect reality–past, present and future. The methods he developed use symbols and metaphors in a visualization, so others, not clairvoyant, can access those same energies and processes.  Even though I am not clairvoyant and don’t even really visualize, I could feel ‘stuff happening’.

Each of the three events, in Yelm, Ashland and Mt. Shasta were filmed and an experienced team which creates online training websites will assemble the material and launch a website where others can also learn this  material. To get notified when the website is launching, please subscribe to this site in the upper right hand corner. (All of the people who attended the seminars don’t need to subscribe and will be emailed.)

Will Svetlana return to the USA? Probably! The recent seminar just touched the surface of the technologies she has learned and can share. We hope to host them again soon and assist with spreading the knowledge of such simple processes that can help so many people.

Drunvalo: Birth of a New Humanity DVD Released

On May 26th this year, Drunvalo gave a webcast which is now available on DVD. I highly recommend purchasing the DVD and sharing it with your friends and family.

So many people are fearful of the changes happening now and many are getting concerned about  2012. Drunvalo’s message is a hopeful message and very uplifting. The effort that has gone into ushering in a higher consciousness on Earth is phenomenal and Drunvalo’s telling of this history, involving most native cultures, and what is happening now is greatly appreciated.

You can download a PDF of Drunvalo’s answers to questions he received about this webcast: Right-click to Download PDF