Where to find Free Online Oneness Meditations

Posted on Aug 28 2012 - 4:58pm by Cyndi

Oneness Meditations have been sweeping the internet and the globe for a few months now, have you participated in one yet?

The Oneness Meditation is a new phenomenon released from the Oneness University in India this year, to help lift humanity into unity or awakened consciousness. It is a transmission of Divine Presence through the eyes of the Oneness Meditator to you.

Right now, there are about 50 people who have been initiated to share the Oneness Meditation, or “OM”, as we call it for short. The OM’s are shared live in person or live on a webcast.

To participate online, you need only click a link at the scheduled time. Most Oneness Meditators play about 7 minutes of meditation music for you to relax before they open their eyes and share the OM. Once they open their eyes, you need only gently gaze at their eyes to receive.

Here are the current links to the calendars for you to find Oneness Meditations online:

OnenessUSA.org official website of the Oneness University in the USA.

OnenessMeditationEvents.org is updated at least once daily by volunteers.

OnenessUniversity.org Global site.

Onewithlife.se OM listing site with many timezones already converted. Please donate so she can further the programming for the individual time zone pages.

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