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Miracle Bell Story  & Free 64 Process Audio Files

My wife and I were preparing for a 64 Deeksha Process last Wednesday afternoon and I wanted to record a new bell to use. So, I asked Cyndi to man the laptop in the sound room at the Awakening Center, and I would ring the bell.

We recorded the first set of bells… a 1 ding, 2 dings and 3 dings. And whilst they were good, the 2 ding could be better, so we decided to do it again.

When Cyndi pressed the record button again, this bell rang in the room! And I was still standing there holding the bell in both hands, and I looked at her and said, “I’m not doing anything!” Read more . . .

Click here for Downloads of the 64 Process audio files and the 1 ding, 2 ding and 3 dings of this bell. 

Whole World is Family Recording

You can download a recording of the 7-minute chant in Sri Bhagavan’s own voice or listen online: Click here

Please share this with your Oneness groups and friends. Many thanks to David Blodgett and Kay Moonstar.


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