Awakened Teachers in Yelm March, 2011: Stuart Mooney & Alina Shalev

Posted on Mar 8 2011 - 1:44pm by Cyndi

Stuart Mooney and Alina ShalevYelm was fortunate to host Stuart Mooney’s first visit to the Pacific Northwest in January, 2011. Now he is returning, with Alina Shalev, on March 25-27, 2011 to the new Awakening Center in Rainier, Washington, 10 miles from the state capital of Olympia.

The event features an evening gathering on Friday, March 25, from 7 pm – 9 pm. It is $10 to register. Pre-register online at:

Stuart Mooney is an Awakened teacher who has traveled the Enlightenment path with various saints and yogis for 40 years, reaching his own enlightenment into a state of Oneness or Unity Consciousness in 2006. He began his career as a psychologist and now offers Spiritual Life Coaching. His path has taken him to the Oneness University where they teach a simple way to transmit Divine Grace for others, called the Oneness Blessing.

Alina Shalev is a recently Awakened teacher, declared an Awakened Being by Sri Bhagavan of the Oneness University in 2010. She has studied with different healers, shamans and monks of various traditions for more than 17 years.

Here, Stuart tells you about Sensory Enlightenment Plus:

“Hi! My name is Stuart Mooney. During this “Sensory Enlightenment Workshop”, I am going to be providing you with a profound understanding and the direct experience of Spiritual Enlightenment, the “Big Enchilada” of experiences, because that’s what’s coming. Everybody needs to start getting ready for this experience because it’s going to be a common experience in our culture.

The truth is that you are reading this now because the Divine is preparing you for your own personal Enlightenment. Think about it. You just experienced a series of thoughts that precipitated a series of actions that caused you to read this now. You did not orchestrate this sequence of thoughts. No! They just happened in support of an agenda that is much larger than your own. You and the Universe are acting out a Divine play which will soon end in your personal Enlightenment.

This inter-relationship of you and the Divine will become very apparent as all of that noise in your head finally quiets down after your Spiritual Enlightenment. Then you will begin to experience that you are One with all life and living is no longer a personal battle between “you” and everything that is “not you”. Your Enlightenment will be very beautiful and it will be completely in-sync with everyone else’s evolution.

Please join me, Stuart Mooney, and my friend Alina Shalev, on this incredible journey to complete fulfillment and to the end of all of your personal suffering.”

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cheap levitra buyleft;”>Stuart and Alina’s Sensory Enlightenment Plus Evening and/or Workshop is for everyone, not just Oneness Blessing givers. You are welcome to invite your loved ones who are inspired to prepare for, as Stuart calls it, The Divine Tsunami! 2011 is indeed a magical year and spending time with two Awakened teachers is the perfect way to Be and soak in their expanded awareness.

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The weekend workshop is entitled, Sensory Enlightenment Plus, March 26/27 from 10 am – 5 pm both days. Registration for the weekend of $195 includes the Friday evening gathering. Pre-register by paying the full fee or a $100 deposit HERE.

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